Arisha dispensary’s services save patients going to private clinics

Arisha district dispensary serves more than 1,200 cases per month, most of them children, and serves the residents of more than 32 villages in the neighboring countryside, which saves the residents going to private clinics.

The Health Authority in the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria opened the People’s Dispensary in Arisha district of Hasakah canton in June 2, 2018 to serve the district and the neighboring countryside. The clinic was provided with medical equipment, pharmacy and medical staff to treat the people and provide them medicines free of charge.

After the demands of the people of that area to provide medical facilities for them, and in view of the need of dispensaries for medical staff, the Autonomous Administration and the council of the district of Shaddadi opened several nursing courses, and graduates were sorted on these dispensaries that spread in the region, including the clinic of Arisha.

In addition to providing services and medical care to all people who visit the clinic. The dispensary provides first aid to critical cases such as accidents and gunshot wounds, and then transports them by ambulance to the public hospitals in al-Hasakah.

"The clinic provides services to more than 32 villages in the district 24 hours a day," said Faten Asaad, an administrator at the People’s Dispensary.

Faten Asaad, explained that the number of patients and cases that mean the clinic during the month exceeds 1200 cases per month, and the ages of patients varies, but most of them are children.

She explained that the number of children reaches more than 800 cases per month, and more than 350 cases of women, where they are examined and provide treatment available in the pharmacy related to the dispensary free of charge.

The technician at the dispensary’s pharmacy, Ismail Ali, pointed out that the pharmacy contains sufficient quantities of drugs needed for first aid and medicines for children and injections, laxatives and serums, and is provided to those who need it after the medical staff examines the case free of charge.

On her part, the citizen Khawla Mohammed, a resident of Arisha, thanked the management of the clinic and staff for the services provided, especially for the treatment of different cases of in children and women patients.



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