Arabs, Chechen, Kurds: We will be one hand in face of Turkish aggression

Women in Serekaniya  area confirmed that they would be human shields against Turkish threats and attacks on northern and eastern Syria, and would defend the gains of their martyrs.

Since several days the Turkish occupation has mobilized its troops on the borders in the areas of North and East of Syria after it had threated to launch military operation  against the north areas of Syria.

In this regard, the women of Serekaniya city in all its components condemned the Turkish threats of the areas of north and east of Syria in many interviews conducted by ANHA.

We to resist and walk on the path of the of the martyrs

The citizen Sumaiya Mohammed from Serekaniya city, said, "we will resist till the end and walk on the martyrs' path.

In her turn, the citizen Selwa Ahmad stressed that this threats will not success in fear the people of the region, and said that they would resist till achieve the victory and the freedom and we would walk on the approach and the philosophy of the Kurdish leader Ocalan.

We must unite against the Turkish occupation

Maryam Khelef said of the Arab component in the area made clear that the Turkish occupation threats are not accepted .

She called on all the people of the region to unite against the occupation and its mercenaries.

The citizen Nori Ghodi of the Chechen component said that AKP's violations against the areas of the North and East of Syria are violation adding, "we would resist and face the Turkish occupation and we would not abandon our lands ever."



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