​​​​​​​ Arab  tribes and clans awareness failed Erdogan's plots for creating strife

Notable of Al abu Salem clan, an offshoot of Al Sharbeen, explained that the Arab clans and tribes have a long-standing role in fighting colonialism and asked  sons of the Syrian people to make greater efforts for the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, to strengthen relations, noting that the awareness of the clans and tribes failed Erdogan's plots for creating the region of strife.

 Since ancient times, Arab clans and tribes have played a major role in fighting colonialism and expelling them from the region, and failed the plans of western states and the ambitious dual, as confirmed by Yousef al-Abdo, member of  Al bu Salem, an offshoot  of the Sharabeen clan. 

Yousef al-Abdo pointed out that Arab clans and tribes through dialogue and cooperation will fail the plans that are being hatched against the region. He stressed that most of the plans led by Turkey have not succeeded as a result of the awareness of the Arab clans and  tribes.

"The Turkish enemy wished to make the components of the region fight each other, on the contrary, the blood was mixed, we fought together against terrorism, and we encounter Erdogan's ambitions in the region. Syrian-Syrian dialogue to strengthen relations and build trust ."

Al-Abdo stressed that Erdogan's political fraud is the result of the failure of his occupation project, saying: "Erdogan's project failed as a result of the awareness of tribes and clans about what is going on around them, and the recital."

Al-Abdo also noted that the tribes participated in the response to the terrorist attacks on the region, as well as in all the anti-occupation events, where he said: "A delegation of Arab tribes went to Sere Kania/Ras al-Ain, and a number of dignitaries, including Khaled Al-Khalil, who is still suffering from serious injury."

On ending the Syrian crisis, Al-Abdo said: "We must have dialogue with each other, because neither the West nor the East, nor the Arab states and the Gulf can resolve the Syrian crisis, unless the Syrians sit down with each other to reach a conclusion, so that the dialogues and meetings will deepen. "The Syrian crisis will be resolved, we are now in the final stage of the Syrian crisis, and we have trusted our political and military leaders, and we wish to insist on a unified Syria, and everyone's access to their rights."

Yousef al-Abdo concluded by thanking the Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria, which has placed great importance on tribes and clans in the region.



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