Arab tribal sheikhs: Taking  displaced from al-Hol camp is  positive step

The Arab tribal sheikhs of  al-Raqqa tribes described the step taken by the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria to take the displaced women and children from al-Hol camp as a positive and fruitful manner.

At the request of the elders of the tribes in the north of Syria, the Autonomous Administration decided to remove the displaced Syrians from al-Hol camp and return to their homes, to return to normal life.

As for the step taken by the Autonomous Administration of north and east Syria, ANHA agency conducted an interview with a number of Arab tribal sheikhs in al-Raqqa who affirmed that this is a positive step "demonstrating tolerance and love among the components of the region." They praised this decision, which will give the displaced, Syrians and Iraqi refugees a new life.

"This initiative came in response to popular and repeated demands during the Syrian clan forum in Ain Issa, and therefore Autonomous Administration has met our demand, and this is a fruitful step," said one of the elders of  al-Bureij tribe.

"Today, Autonomous Administration in the north of Syria is opening the door for the return of the displaced people in al-Hol refugee camp," he said, referring to the victories and sacrifices made by SDF in crushing the remnants of terrorism, headed by mercenaries of Daesh.

For his part, the sheikh of the Hawas tribe "al-Afdalah" said that "through their dialogue with Autonomous Administration at the forum of Syrian tribal sheikhs, they focused on the issue of displaced persons in the camp of al-Hol, especially children and women."

" Regarding the families of mercenaries, urging them to take them out of the camp to their homes. ", he added

"This is a sign of tolerance and love to make our societies prevail in security and stability without enmity between the components and a proof of the cohesion of the people between the administration and the decisions emanating from the people and returning to the people alone," said Sheikh Dahham al-Shibli.

Sheikh Daham al-Shibli noted that "taking the displaced will be through tribal leaders."



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