​​​​​​​Arab press: Syrian opposition is tool at Erdogan's hand, Washington puts pressure on Israel

The so-called Syrian opposition reiterated its defense of the killing of a Syrian youth by the Turkish police that its only mission is limited to defending Turkish projects in the region, while Lebanese demonstrations continue, while sources revealed that Washington is pressuring Israel to recognition.

On Saturday morning, Arab press focused on the killing of a Syrian youth by the Turkish police, in addition to the Lebanese protests, and the Palestinian situation.

Al-Ain: Lessons from the Death of a Syrian in Turkey

The Arab newspapers issued this morning dealt with the Syrian issue with several issues, the most prominent of which was the killing of a Syrian youth in Turkey, In this context, the Kurdish journalist Joan Suz wrote an article published by al-Ain newspaper, in which he said, "A Syrian youth was killed a few days ago in the Turkish city of Adana, south of the country, after he was shot live from a distance of three meters by a police officer after he violated the curfew imposed in the whole of Turkey, It prevents anyone under the age of 20 or over 65 from going outside.

The government account states that the killed Syrian refugee, whose name is Ali al-Asani, tried to escape from the police who tried to warn him to stop, but their orders were not implemented, forcing one of the elements to shoot him in the foot.

This account would have been convincing had it not been for the video which documented the moment when al-Asani fell to the ground after being shot, which accurately showed that the Syrian refugee had been shot in his chest and not in his foot, as several Turkish media outlets supported President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

While Syrian authorities "opposed" the Syrian government defended the crime of the Turkish police and held the young man responsible for violating the curfew decision, the incident of his death turned into a public opinion issue in the country from the side of the pioneers of social networking sites from the Turks who demanded the disclosure of the circumstances of and the accountability of the murderous policeman.

The large volume of solidarity with al-Asani family, and the governor of Adana, was forced to issue a statement about the incident, especially with the opposition of both the opposition “People's Republic” and the “Democratic Peoples” parties, especially after a delegation from the last party visited his family to offer condolences and solidarity with his family.

In his statement, the Turkish Governor stated that the murdered young man escaped from the police after violating the curfew, especially since he was less than 20 years old, in an attempt to justify the crime, but the parliamentarians of the two opposing parties said that warning the violator of the decision to curfew is not with live bullets and killed him, as well as confirmed by a parliamentarian from the "Peoples' Democratic Party" was among the delegation that visited the family of the murdered that the latter was not wanted by the Turkish authorities.

The other thing that the Turkish and other solidarity advocates defended with al-Asani is that the curfew decision excludes exit for the purpose of shopping, especially with the advent of the month of Ramadan, which puts the Turkish police at the site of intentional killing, especially as the shooting, according to eyewitnesses, was carried out from three meters away and on the one hand and his chest, and this means that a discussion took place between the policeman and his victim.

Although killing a young man in this manner in broad daylight is a crime that requires accountability, but the governor of Adana merely suspended the policeman's work, pledging to judge him judicially and administratively, which may not happen, especially since the murderous policeman was not arrested, not to mention that the police in Turkey already have powers to use live bullets when they go out on regular patrols.

What appears clear in this case is that intentional killing by the Turkish police as well as the army is not limited to the Syrians alone after the killing of dozens of them during the past years in similar circumstances, but rather is an inherent phenomenon in Turkey and targets the Turks, Kurds and others alike of the peoples of Turkey.

According to the journalist, "the bottom line from al-Asani’s lesson is that the pro-Turkish" Syrian opposition, led by the currents and organizations affiliated with the terrorist "Muslim Brotherhood", will not be able to defend any Syrian who was, as she once again confirmed that her only mission is limited to defending Turkish projects in region.

Therefore, the pro-Turkish "Syrian opposition" must defend their country and its victims, who cannot be counted as a result of the brutal war that Syria has been witnessing for years, and they must also stop being tool at Erdogan's hand.

Al-Bayan: Lebanon ... The street sends 4 messages on Labor Day

On the Lebanese issue, Al-Bayan newspaper said, "The Lebanese have saluted Labor Day, under the worst conditions, and they are living with their families as a result of corruption that has spread in state institutions for years."

This day was an occasion to stimulate the street and urge it to revolt, despite the fear imposed by the corona pandemic, as a number of them organized protests in several squares in Beirut and the regions, in protest against the living conditions, and demanded the government to implement the required reforms to save the situation in the country.

Consequently, according to protesters ’sources confirming al-Bayan, the street continues to move, because it believes that the solutions are still failing to solve the crises that breed and multiply quickly, or at least are still on paper awaiting action.

In the wake of the “garrison” nights that Tripoli witnessed specifically, in recent days, amid the boiling living conditions and the exacerbation of destitution and hunger, adding to the scene yesterday in Beirut and the regions, the protesters' sources stressed that the popular movement wants to deliver 4 messages:

First, assuring the leaders of parties with foreign agendas that they will not be able to “climb the revolution” / Second, the goal is the corrupt system, with all its pillars, that stole public money / Third, confirm standing with Lebanon’s workers in their day, especially those who have lost their jobs or are being paid part of the salary / Fourth, access to the "hungry revolution", which will not be subject to controls if it continues.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: Trump calls for recognition of the Palestinian state first

Palestinian, Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper said, "Political sources in Tel Aviv revealed that Israel was facing pressure recently, to curb its project to annex the lands of the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea and settlements in the West Bank, and said that these pressures come from Washington, where President Donald Trump asks her to" First, it recognizes the right of the Palestinians to establish a state for them, before deciding to annex.

The sources added that the US administration made clear to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his advisers that the White House would give the green light to Israeli annexation in the West Bank, provided that Israel accepts the establishment of a Palestinian state and fully adopts the "deal of the century" plan proposed by Trump for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

The sources pointed out that a message that included this position was sent to the Israeli Prime Minister and his close associates, through several channels, one of which was the American Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, who explained at the first meeting of the Israeli-American Cartographic Committee held before the recent Israeli elections, that the United States discusses with Israel "the implementation of a peace plan, not the implementation of the annexation plan."

And American officials in Tel Aviv said yesterday that the content of Washington's messages to Netanyahu is that he "cannot take from the Trump plan the sections that he loves only, but the entire package must be accepted."

The Ambassador of the European Union and the ambassadors of nine European countries in Tel Aviv also addressed a formal protest to Netanyahu, urging him to nullify the plan to annex parts of the occupied West Bank.



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