Arab personalities: unity of the Syrian people will demolish the partition wall

Personalities and notables of the Arab component pointed out that building the partition wall aims to annex Afrin to Turkey, divide Syria and retrieve the ambitions of the Ottoman state through the occupation of Syrian territory, and stressed that the wall will not stand up to the unity of the Syrian people, which rejects the occupation and division.

The project of the Turkish occupation in dividing the Syrian territory, through the construction of the partition wall in the vicinity of the occupied areas, especially Afrin, stirred public anger in the Syrian street and among its various components. They considered it a project that threatens the territorial integrity of Syria and violates international covenants.

On April 8, 2019, the Turkish occupation began placing premade walls in the vicinity of the villages of Jalber (Julbul), Meriamin and Kimar, to build the partition wall and extend it to other villages. The length of the wall in all villages exceeded 3,500 meters.

"Occupation resurrects glories of the Ottoman Empire"

On the subject, our agency ANHA met with one of the Arab tribal notables of Afrin Saied al- Ameri, who lives in al-Shahba canton.

Saied al-Ameri condemned the construction of the partition wall and said that his goal was to uproot Afrin and the rest of the occupied northern regions from Syrian territory. "We Syrians are interested in liberating this homeland from the abomination of the occupiers," he said.

Al-Ameri pointed out that the Syrians and all components are interested in liberating their occupied lands, especially Afrin, and protecting the Syrian north, he assured their rejection of any Turkish attempts to revive the Ottoman occupation, which will restore the glory of their ancestors in the annexation of parts of Syrian territory.

On the future of the occupied territories, after the construction of the partition wall, Al-Amiri answered that as residents of the area and their people with their children, they would liberate their city and demolish the wall.

With regard to the process of settling the families of other regions, and the demographic change conducted in Afrin, he assured his rejection and denunciation of those practices, and sent a message to the settlers in Afrin to stop applying the schemes of the occupiers against their compatriots.

At the end of his speech, one of the elders of the Arab tribes in Afrin Saied al-Ameri said that they will defend the unity of Syrian territory and the unity of its people along with all Syrian components.

"The wall will not stand up to the unity of peoples"

 One of the active figures of the Arab component in al-Shahba Reem al-Hussein, said that the partition wall that is being built between Afrin and al-Shahba is a wall of partition and division of Syrian parts, an update to the plan they followed during the division of Iskenderun and appropriating it from Syria.

She said that the aim of the Turkish occupation of the construction of the wall is also to protect the mercenaries located inside Afrin and impose political, military, economic and intellectual dominance on the people living in Afrin to be affiliated with Turkey and implement its plans.

She said that the ambitions of the Ottoman state are old and history attests to this, and now Turkey is resuming the ambitions of its ancestors in Syria.

Reem stressed that the unity of the Syrian people will fail all ambitions and will triumph against its resistance.

She spoke about the suffering of women in Afrin under the Turkish occupation. She said that women are living under great pressure due to the practices of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries such as murder, kidnapping and rape. Noting that grave violations are committed against women in Afrin amidst shameful international silence.



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