Arab Parliament condemned Sending Turkish troops to Libya

The Arab parliament condemned  on Wednesday the decision to send the  Turkish troops to Libya, saying that this decision is a flagrant violation of international law and complicates the Libyan crisis.

The Arab Parliament rejected in a statement the decision of the Turkish parliament on January 2, 2020, on the mandate of the President of the Turkish Republic to send military forces to Libya.

The Parliament considered this a flagrant violation of the  international law and security council resolutions (1970) for 2011 on the banning supply of arms to Libya state , and (2292) for 2016 on the prohibition of supplying arms to Libya, and the inspection of ships off its coast by force, and (2357) on June 2357, 2017 on the extension of the arms embargo to Libya for one year, and (2473) on June 10, 2019, which extends the ban on the supply of arms over the high seas off the coast of Libya for another year from the date of this decision.

The Arab Parliament also stressed that the military-military investment in Libya is complicating the situation in Libya, fueling division and discord between the Libyan parties, contributes to prolonging the conflict, undermining peace efforts, obstructing the political solution in the State of Libya, and destabilizing the region. It threatens the security of the neighboring countries and the Arab national security.

 He also stressed his full support for the State of Libya, its sovereignty, independence, unity and the safety of its citizens, categorically rejecting all forms of foreign interference in the Libyan state. 

In the wake of the attack, Mashal al-Salmi, speaker of the Arab Parliament, warned of the danger of aggressive regional intrusions to revive colonial ambitions in the Arab region.

He stressed before the second session of the fourth meeting of the second chapter of the Arab Parliament, which began its work, Wednesday, in Cairo in the presence of Minister of the Foreign Affairs Of Saudi Arabia, Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud and chairman of the Council of Libyan Deputies, Chancellor, Akila Saleh, on the rejection of the parliament Al-Arabi's decision by the Turkish parliament to send military forces to Libya

Source : Al Hadath. 

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