Arab notables: with Arab-Kurd cohesion, we maintain stability

The notables and Arab Clans' Sheikhs in Tel- Hamis district have praised the strong relations between the Kurdish and Arab people in the area, because of their solidarity they expelled ISIS from the area, adding, we love each other and we live in security and safety, they supported the Syrian-Syrian dialogue and opposed the division of Syria and the Turkish threats.


The components of north and east of Syria, especially in Al-Jazeera region are living with one another in a spirit of fraternity and strong relationship inherited from their forefathers, they are joining hands together when once a component is exposed to danger or similar. This has been evident in recent years, Kurdish, Arab and Syriac components against mercenaries, who tried to invade and occupy the region, as well as united against Turkish threats on aggression against the region.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed with the notable of al-Sharabin clan, Abd Hassan al-Mutalk said" We live in security and safety with all Arab, Kurdish and Yezidi clans, we live in safety, and north-east of Syria exposed to repeat attacks, we support the Syrian-Syrian dialogue and oppose the division of Syria.

"The role of the Arab clans has been effective since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, and we have clearly and unequivocally expressed our solidarity and support for our forces in the face of aggression and intimidation of IS which is nearing of total defeat in the countryside of Deir-ez-Zor, and in the coming days, SDF will announce victory on IS organization.

Abdul Rahman al-Hamid, one of the notables of the Jawla clan rejected the extremist culture that emerged during the Syrian crisis. He pointed out that the components of the region lived in harmony, cohesion. This is due to the parents and grandparents who have reinforced of the relations among the components of the region, which all the parties tried to spread the discrimination them.

Ragheb al-Fares, Sheikh of al- Zabid clan, explained that the Arab clans have been aware of the Erdogan's statements since the beginning of the revolution, that he supports "terrorism" and that he introduced "terrorism" to the region to destabilize security and stability.

"Erdogan's claims to fight terrorism are not true. We are the ones who fought terrorism. The components in north and east Syria are the ones who have joined and fought terrorism from the Free Army, Jabhit al-Nusra and finally IS gangs

Ragheb appeals notables and the clans' sheikhs to call on the Syrian Democratic Council SDC and the Syrian regime to renew negotiations to resolve the Syrian crisis, and to resolve the Syrian crisis by the Syrian people because they are the owners of the land and appealed to the Syrian society to overcome sectarianism and racism. "The region has become certain that the democratic nation's project is the best project to solve the Syrian crisis and through it, we will be saved from this crisis," he said.



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