Arab newspapers: Turkey documents its ambitions in Iraq, Lebanon to a dark stage

​​​​​​​Syria has witnessed, during the past two weeks, assassinations of people close to Maher Al-Assad, while Turkish ambitions in Iraq have become clear and documented through maps published by Turkish officials, while observers have seen that Lebanon is heading towards a dark stage.

On Wednesday morning, Arab press focused on the situation inside al-Assad government, as well as to the Turkish ambitions in the region, and the situation in Lebanon.


The Arab newspapers published this morning on the Syrian issue dealt with several topics, the most prominent of which was the internal situation. In this context, Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper said: "The last two weeks in Syria witnessed the killing of 8 soldiers in mysterious circumstances, the last of which was the announcement of the killing of Nizar Zidan, commander of the militia of the Fourth Division. In the regime’s forces on Monday, 5 of those assassinated held the rank of brigadier general, including those who were shot dead in front of his house or office, and four of those assassinations were carried out in Damascus and its countryside.

These assassinations targeted those close to Maher al-Assad, brother of the Syrian President.

Last Saturday, Colonel Ali Jumblatt, a companion to Maher al-Assad, commander of the Fourth Division, was shot dead by a sniper, in front of his house in Ya`fur neighborhood. The head of the Air Force Intelligence Branch in the Eastern Province, Brigadier General Jihad Zaal, was assassinated, along with a number of his companions, on Saturday Night-Sunday, by mysterious targeting of a car he was traveling with with a group of his companions and his members on the Deir-ez-Zor Highway - Damascus. He is close to the Iranian "Revolutionary Guard".


On the Iraqi issue, Al-Arab newspaper said: "Turkish ambitions in Iraqi lands have become documented by a map published by Ankara, showing the centering of the Turkish army and its deployment in areas in northern Iraq in a way that constitutes a security belt similar to that which Turkey has built inside Syrian territories occupied by its forces under the pretext of trapping Kurdish fighters, and refuses to withdraw from it. ".

And Iraqi sources have previously warned that the features of a Turkish security tape are beginning to form in the depth of Iraqi lands, expecting that Turkey will not withdraw from the areas of Operation Tiger Claw in view of Erdogan's government’s precedents in Syria, and even in Iraq, where Ankara has refused for years to evacuate a group of military bases it has established Inside Iraqi territory, the most important of which is the Bashiqa base near Mosul.

Ankara is investing in its violation of Iraqi sovereignty the state of extreme vulnerability that the country has fallen under the rule of the Shiite parties that have turned their territories into a field of regional and international struggle for influence inside.

Iraqi sources confirm that the Turkish talk of "temporary bases" is just a cover for a permanent military presence.

Concern about the consequences of Erdogan's government’s actions towards Turkey’s neighbors is not limited to these neighbors, but extends to the Turkish interior, where opposition figures see Erdogan's aggressive policy as a threat to Turkey itself.

Commenting on the Turkish presidency's publication of the map violating Iraqi sovereignty, Turkish opposition MP Ayton Cherai warned of the danger of this step, saying that "publishing a divided map of Iraq would give legitimacy to official bodies in other countries to publish maps similar to Turkey itself." He considered in a tweet on his Twitter account that the map "contradicts Turkey's declared position on its adherence to the territorial integrity of Iraq."


On the Lebanese issue, Al-Bayan newspaper said: "As it became known that the United States is not in a position to back away from the open confrontation with Iran, which is represented in Lebanon, by continuing to put pressure on Hezbollah, and that this confrontation will not subside, before the US presidential elections in November." Next, there was information, stating that Washington continues to tighten the economic belt in Lebanon, believing in its administration that the assistance of the Lebanese government implies prohibited aid to Hezbollah.

In this sense, the American confrontation with Hezbollah is still in its infancy, and that the situation may be heading towards more intransigence, according to multiple readings, while sources indicated to al-Bayan that the latter is preparing for confrontation on more than one level, among them is the adherence to the government, which he does not see as a substitute at the present time, leading to the option of war, which is not excluded by those close to him. Noting that the American embassy in Lebanon does not hesitate to repeat that what is required is the retreat of Hezbollah's influence and its removal from the government, and it will not provide a means to achieve its goal.

Sources told Al-Bayan that Lebanon is heading towards a dark stage open to all possibilities, including the war with Israel, while for an unspecified date, the idea of deporting the current government was withdrawn.

In addition, the level of talk has risen about "investigative" missions undertaken by American officials, some of whom will visit Lebanon in the coming period, related to the arrangements made by Lebanon at the level of implementing the American penal law against Hezbollah, and other laws dedicated to drying up the resources of "terrorist organizations" In Lebanon and the region.



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