Arab newspapers: Russia, Turkey agreement in Idlib will not stand, Turkey seeks to hinder solution to Libyan crisis

Observers believe that Turkey's adherence to finding a permanent settlement of the armistice in Idlib indicates that the recent Russian agreement will not hold much like other previous agreements, while sources revealed that Turkey is delaying international efforts to solve the Libyan crisis, while the Corona virus continues to spread, and Europe has become a focus of its spread.

On Saturday morning, the Arab newspapers touched upon the situation in Idlib and the Russian-Turkish differences, in addition to the Libyan situation and Turkish intervention, and the spread of the Corona virus.

Al-Arab: Ankara is considering a permanent settlement with Moscow to get rid of the Idlib predicament

Arab newspapers issued this morning dealt with the Syrian issue with several issues, the most prominent of which was the situation in Idlib. In this context, Al-Arab newspaper said, "Observers considered that Turkey's attempts to extract a permanent settlement from Russia during the consultations that continued until Friday regarding the armistice agreement concluded between them, aiming to discussing how to get out of the dilemma of the Syrian Idlib governorate, after the Turkish forces were being trapped, in light of the pressures that Ankara suffers from because of the displaced people to its lands and its constant persistence that the solutions that it puts on the table are in the interest of the Syrian people.

"Turkey's adherence to its position regarding a permanent settlement of the armistice in Idlib reflects the viewers' belief that the agreement it concluded with Russia at the beginning of this month will not hold much like other previous agreements.

Ankara fears that it will lose its wager on the agreement, which may give it hope to regulate its ranks again, thus strengthening the groups that support it to regain control of the Syrian province.

The apparent goal of the non-escalation agreement is to stabilize the city and avoid a war between the Syrian regime and the Turkish-backed Heyat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), which dominates on Idlib, but the problem for the Turks is greater than that.

The agreement is supposed to address Turkey's main concerns of stemming the flow of migrants and preventing further deaths of Turkish soldiers, but it also reinforces the recent gains made by the Syrian government forces, and leaves the Turkish sites besieged.

Al-Bayan: Turkey is hindering efforts to solve the crisis in Libya

On the Libyan issue, Al-Bayan newspaper said: “Sources in the Tunisian capital confirmed that there are signs of a solution to the Libyan crisis that are beginning to take shape, and that a number of western and regional capitals are working to support and develop them, but they face Turkish brotherhood obstacles, while the African Union contact group decided to hold the national conference. For reconciliation between the Libyan parties, next July, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in accordance with the decision taken by the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union in 2018.

The group condemned foreign interference in Libya and a violation of the arms embargo, as well as the presence, dispatch, and use of foreign fighters in Libyan territory.

According to informed sources, there is a tendency to crystallize a solution to the Libyan crisis, which is to form a new presidential council consisting of a president and two deputies (distributed over the three regions) and a government of national unity that enjoys the confidence of the parliament, dissolve the militias inside Tripoli, and allow the Libyan army to enter Tripoli without a fight And considering the Misurata militia regional militias, a part of its elements is absorbed within the security and military establishment.

The sources pointed out that there is a conviction among the various parties of the necessity of dissolving the outlaws' militias and removing foreign mercenaries from the country, noting that some of the Tripoli militias can be absorbed later in state institutions.

She added that the United States stands strongly behind pushing Interior Minister Accord Fathi Pashaga in his call to dissolve the militias, and that other countries such as France and Germany see that a political solution will not be achieved in light of the continued influence of armed groups outside the law, but refuses to plunge the capital into a devastating war, and added the same sources say that several capitals are working to persuade the army leadership not to exclude the forces of political Islam from future arrangements, as well as by providing guarantees that warlords and militia leaders linked to the reconciliation government will not be pursued.

Al-Sharaq al-Awsat: Europe's "Corona Focus" ... and Trump declares emergency

Regarding the spread of the Corona virus, Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper said: "The World Health Organization confirmed yesterday that Europe has become a" hotspot "for the global epidemic of Corona, warning that it is" impossible "to know when the virus will reach its climax at the global level. "Europe is currently the epicenter of the global (Covid-19) epidemic," he said, noting that the number of cases recorded daily exceeds the number of daily cases recorded in China during the peak of the disease.

For his part, US President Donald Trump announced yesterday the national emergency in the face of the "Covid 19" epidemic, which allows activating the "Robert Stafford" law for disaster and emergency relief, to allocate more federal assistance to states and municipalities. The Louisiana authorities decided yesterday to postpone the Democratic primary elections that were scheduled for the beginning of April for more than two months due to the Corona epidemic, thus becoming the first American state to take such a decision.

For its part, more countries are taking isolation measures, freezing their activities such as closing schools, borders and public places, imposing travel restrictions, canceling sporting or cultural events and postponing elections, to address the spread of the new Corona virus that has so far caused the death of more than 5,000 people around the world.



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