Arab newspapers: Intense struggle between al-Assad's family, Turkey starves a million Libyans

Observers revealed that there is an intense political-economic conflict between the wings of al-Assad family in Syria, while Turkey imposes a collective hunger penalty on more than a million Libyans, while global oil prices continued to collapse yesterday.

On Wednesday morning, Arab press focused on the situation inside the Syrian Assad family, in addition to Turkish interference in Libya, and the collapse of international oil prices.

Al-Arab: The "Thrones Conflict" threatens to break the Syrian regime’s contract

The Arab newspapers published this morning on the Syrian issue dealt with several topics, the most prominent of which was the situation within the Syrian government. In this context, Al-Arab newspaper said, "There is a struggle taking place in Syria between the wings of the family of President Bashar al-Assad, with whom the economist interferes with the politician, in a surreal scene that will have great repercussions on the cohesion of the regime, which has remained relatively resilient to the violent tremors that it was exposed to during the nine years of war with the opposition and jihadi factions, as well as international pressure.

The dispute revolves between the uncle of President Bashar al-Assad Muhammad Makhlouf, who resides in Russia and his children on the one hand, and Asma al-Akhras (the wife of Bashar al-Assad) and her relatives on the other hand to control the joints of the Syrian economy, amid signs that the conflict has become out of control, in light of Assad's inability to restrain him or even controlling his rhythm is what threatens his partner Russia , which is feeling the enormity of continuing to bet on him during the reign.

The conflicts within al-Assad holding family over the joints of governance in Syria since the 1970s are not new, and they were previously contained, especially during the reign of Hafiz al-Assad the father through the beating of an iron hand on "out of the house of obedience", but the current situation differs as the regime is facing complex crisis in the shadow of an ongoing military conflict that interferes with the local regional and international, and resulted in an economic collapse deepened by corruption that reached dangerous levels.

This corruption has affected even the countries of the region. Recently, shipments to Egypt were discovered that were supposed to contain milk cans, so that these cans are packed with narcotic substances. It is noteworthy that the mark of the shipment bears the name of a company belonging to the businessman Rami Makhlouf (Assad's cousin).

Rami Makhlouf, who lives in Damascus, hinted in a post he posted on Monday evening on his Facebook account that it was a plot planned from the inside against him, while what appeared to be an implicit reference to the Asama al-Assad and his relatives, to avenge him and hit his business.

. In recent years, the coolness of the relationship between the president and the family began to seep, especially with al-Rami Makhlouf'son, in light of accusations of the latter and other businessmen revolving in his orbit of smuggling tens of billions of dollars abroad and tax evasion.

Sources say that the matter is far from trying to put an end to the manifestations of corruption and waste, but rather is in fact a war of economic influence that is not without political backgrounds between Makhlouf and al-Akhras family (Asma al-Assad's family) who entered strongly on the line of competition to obtain the largest share of the Syrian economy.

These circles pointed out that the matter exploded between the two parties after Asma al-Assad last year laid their hands on the communication companies and al-Bustan Charitable Society, which belongs to Rami Makhlouf, to continue the process of scaling the Syrian president's cousin, since last month, the seizure of movable and immovable funds for companies belonging to Rami on charges of customs evasion.

This war led Makhlouf to seek help from Russia and respond to it by revealing the corruption files of Assad and his wife, the last of which was the purchase of a painting at an imaginary price, while Syria is suffering from a crisis.

Al-Bayan: Turkey is waging a starvation war against one million Libyans

On the Libyan issue, Al-Bayan newspaper said, “Turkish intervention imposed collective punishment on the areas subject to the national army in western Libya by cutting all services for them. More than a million Libyans face catastrophic conditions as a result of depriving them of water, electricity, medical supplies, medicine, supplies, fuel and financial liquidity and preventing them from moving in the direction of other regions.

The blockade includes the areas of Tripoli's collar known as the Four Districts, which have a population of more than 750,000 residents, and cities such as Tarhuna, Bani Walid, Warsfana, and al-Asba due to its support for the national army.

The Forum of Four Tribes denounced the silence of civil institutions and human rights organizations towards the siege imposed on the region, and well-informed sources revealed to al-Bayan that the siege imposed on the city of Tarhuna (80 km southeast of Tripoli) led to deteriorating conditions and deaths among kidney failure patients and women during childbirth Because of the electricity cuts to medical institutions and the absence of medicines.

The Social Council said in Tarhuna in a statement that the city has been subjected for more than two weeks to a permanent and deliberate cut off of electricity and the entire telecommunications services, in front of the full view of the international community, which legitimizes the Libyans militia and thugs' government.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: Oil is collapsing... and Saudi Arabia and Russia are waving measures

Regarding oil prices, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper said, "Yesterday, international oil prices continued their bleeding due to the great shock witnessed by the American crude yesterday, when the May futures contracts reached an historic level at $ 37 a barrel.

The major countries took the initiative to announce their positions to support the markets, as Saudi Arabia confirmed yesterday that it is closely monitoring the conditions of the oil market, expressing its willingness to take any additional measures to stabilize the oil markets. The Saudi News Agency reported that the Cabinet “affirmed the Kingdom’s keenness to achieve stability for the petroleum market, its commitment with Russia to implement the targeted cuts for the next two years, and their continued monitoring of market conditions and a willingness to take any additional measures in partnership with members of (OPEC Plus) and other producers.”

Russia, in its turn, also signaled actions, as the Kremlin said yesterday that contacts could be made between the world's largest producers to discuss a production-cut deal if necessary.



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