Arab, Kurds' notables: We to unite in confrontation any possible attack against our areas 

The notables and clans of the Kurds and Arab have rejected the Turkish threats against the areas of north and east, stressing that the people of the region will be united in the face of any aggression.

The Turkish occupation state continues its efforts to occupy the region under the pretext of establishing a "buffer zone" in north and east of Syria, while the components of the region confirm its categorical rejection of any Turkish project aimed at occupying the region.

Sheikh Ragheb al-Fares, a notable of al-Zabid clan and a member of the Notables Council in north and east of Syria, talked about the role of the people of the region in achieving security and stability and protecting them from terrorist forces, and added "In the north-east of Syria, our areas are safe thanks to the martyrs' blood. Since the beginning of the Syrian war, we have protected our areas with the arms of our young men and women on the front lines of SDF. where no shots were fired from our side towards the Turkish border

Al-Fares said that the Turkish attacks did not stop against the northern and eastern areas of Syria by supporting terrorism, introducing terrorist gangs to Syria, occupying Afrin "and committing brutal crimes against the people there.

He said "We reject any safe area under Turkish supervision," We ask that to be under the auspices of our people in the north of Syria and under the auspices of the United Nations. "

Sheikh Ragheb al-Faris called of the notables of Arab and Kurdish clans to be ready in the face of the Turkish threats and invasions that Erdogan threatens us. We will not allow them a step into our territory. "

Ismail al-Saleh, one of the notable of al-Sharaben clan, said in this regard, "We, as members of the region of the Arab component, in any way refuse to form a buffer zone under the supervision of Turkey. We have every means to protect our areas with our troops here, which have defended us throughout the war in Syria.

Saleh al-Sayyid, one of the notable of Alia area belonging to Girkê Legê district has expressed his rejection of the Turkish threats, we will not allow the Turkish state to play a role in protecting the buffer zone. Those who protect us from external attacks are our martyrs, thanks to whom we live in dignity and freedom. "

Saleh ended by saying: "We will be protectors of our land, and will remain faith full to the blood of the martyrs to death, we will stand in the face of this unjust enemy. Any attempt to differentiate between the peoples of the region will be failed, we are all components and sects of the Syrian north as Kurds, Arabs, and all sects we will join hands together, we will stand with an iron fist in the face of any intervention by Erdogan whatever it cost us."



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