Arab intellectuals: Erdogan, second serial killer after Jamal Pasha

Arab intellectuals noted that the execution of intellectuals by the Ottoman Empire was to eliminate their ideas of resistance  against the Ottoman occupation, and they stated that Turkey continues the practices of the Ottoman Empire by killing and arresting hundreds of journalists and academics.

May 6, 1916 marks the Martyrs' Day, when Arab patriots were executed in Beirut and Damascus on the orders of the Ottoman Sultan Ahmad Jamal Pasha, nicknamed the serial killer who killed  those who struggled to get rid of the Ottomans and gain freedom and dignity.

Turkey remains one of the most violating countries for the human rights by putting hundreds of dissidents, particularly journalists and academics, in prison.

"Just as the Ottomans were committing massacres against patriots and innocent people. Erdogan is also committing massacres  today through his mercenaries,  the last of which was Tal Rifaat that massacred many children ," the intellectual Ali Salameh said .

regarding the Ottoman empire's aims of executing Arab intellectuals, Salameh said, "The execution committed by the serial killer against Arab patriots was to obliterate the ideas of enlightenment and salvation from injustice."

 Salameh called on "all components to unite to counter the second serial killer who is trying to restore the Ottoman period."

 For his part, the intellectual Mohamed Weiss stressed that a democratic system is the only way to live in peace"

"On this land,many components and sects live, that is why there must be a democratic system in order to remain in permanent peace."

Weiss addressed the policies of the Ottomans during their four-century rule: "The Ottoman Empire was practicing  the policy of repression to obliterate the intellectuals and patriots roles in enlightening the people and exposing Ottoman policies."

"The Arab patriots who were executed, wanted  freedom and salvation for their families from the attacks of the Ottoman Empire," Weiss said.

He pointed to the ongoing policies of Ottoman under Erdogan's era because he holds the same ideas and policies and commits massacres as the Ottomans did."

 "On May 6, the Arab patriots were executed. On the same date, the Turkish state tried to assassinate the leader Abdullah Ocalan. Three Turkish militants were killed on the same date in a different year, it is not a coincidence. Turkish policies towards components and ideas are the same. the government of AKP's slogans is one color, one flag and one language," he said.

 "These areas are subject to cultural and cultural fusion, where the original language is exterminated and attempts to create a Turkish culture, but there will always be resistance and martyrs until there is a human being with free ideas," he said.



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