Arab Coalition: Southern Transitional Council Units withdraw to their former positions in Aden

 The Saudi-led Arab Coalition announced that Units of the Southern Transitional Council and the Security Belt forces began to withdraw and return to their former positions in the Yemeni interim capital Aden, in response to the calls of the coalition.

The statement of the Saudi Press Agency "SPA" on the statement of the joint forces command of the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, on Saturday, "the Yemeni government's legitimate response to the call for restraint during the crisis and its superiority to the interests of the Yemeni people and preserving the gains of the coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen to restore the state and its institutions."

The Coalition command appreciated the response of the Transitional Council in Aden to the call of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for a cease-fire and the prevalence of wisdom and the interests of the Yemeni people and not to harm them or prejudice public and private property and start today to withdraw its troops and combat elements and return to their previous positions before the recent events, and hand over the headquarters of the Yemeni government under the supervision of the coalition.

The Joint Forces Command called for "continuing calm and restraint, stopping the convulsive media discourse, strengthening the language of dialogue and reconciliation, uniting efforts at this stage, and standing together to end the Houthi coup and the Iranian regime's destructive project in Yemen, backed by Iran, al Qaeda and ISIS."


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