Arab Coalition shoots down 2 Houthis drones

The Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia announced that the Air Force of the coalition shoots down two drones from Sana'a and destroyed  them in the Yemeni airspace.

The spokesman for the Arab Coalition Forces, Colonel Turki al-Maliki said that "the Coalition Air Force was able to shoot down and destroy two drones launched by the Houthis Forces on Friday night, where the first was destroyed at 21:28 and the second at 21:56, According to Al-Arabiya.

Maliki pointed out that both drones were unmanned and were monitored by the Houthi forces from Sana'a province and was intercepted and destroyed in the Yemeni airspace.

Recently, Houthi forces launched several drone attacks on Abha and Jazan airports in southern Saudi Arabia, as well as launching a rocket attack on Abha airport, injuring 26 people.


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