Arab clans will face the new Ottoman occupation

Notable of al-Rashid, from the Arab tribe of Tayya, explained that the Arab world is facing a new Ottoman invasion today. He stressed that the elders of the Arab clans are all concerned and will face this arrogant enemy.

For a while, the Turkish state has been intervening in the Arab world, selecting the countries that were war-exhausted, to make them a palatable summit of its occupation, such as Syria, Iraq, and Libya. The Arab clan elders believe that these violations and crimes committed by Turkey are nothing but an new invasion to the Arab world.

Muhammad Rashid Al-Abdullah, one of the notables of the Al-Rashed clan from the Tayya tribe, in the Al-Jazeera region, said: “Today we are facing a new Ottoman invasion that occupied the Arab world for nearly 400 years.”

Abdullah pointed out: "The Turkish occupation of areas from the Syrian north is nothing but a product of the interests of European countries in our lands."

Abdullah recommended the young Arab clans to escalate the resistance to repel the Turkish invasion.

And Abdullah explained that one of the most important and prominent goals of the Turkish occupation state is the occupation of the entire regions of northeast Syria and even Şengal, and he said: "Therefore, those repeated attacks are launched."

And Abdullah stressed the need to pay attention to the policies of Erdogan, who takes the true Islamic religion as a cover for his crimes, and said: "Erdogan is far from religion, and his actions are contrary to the values of the Islamic religion."

 And Abdullah pointed out that history is repeating itself, and said: "We will face the new Ottoman invasion. The clan elders are concerned with this invasion, and we advise them to stand in the face of this arrogant enemy of Turkey."  



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