Arab clans refute Turkish occupation allegations, support SDF

Elders of Arab clans refuted the allegations of the Turkish state which say there are clans in North and East of Syria which support the Turkish occupation, asserting that all the clans support the SDF against the Turkish occupation threats. 

The Turkish occupation threats against north and east of Syria escalate to occupy it under fake allegations and threats and following the policy of eliminating the cultures and the demographic change and make these areas hotbeds for the terrorism to revive Daesh mercenaries and reorganize the jihadist factions again. 

The Turkish state threats aim at occupying the areas in north and east of Syria to end the democratic project as it did in the Afrin Region and all the areas it has occupied in north and west of Syria. 

The Head of al-Jabor clan and the member of the senate of north and east of Syria, Fewaz al-Zoba commented on that threats saying," since the start of the Syrian crisis, the Turkish occupation tries to create chaos and the instability and targets the security of the region because these areas have religious, cultural and ethnical variety and all the components participate in managing the region within the Autonomous Administration and the local councils because the Turkish occupation tries to impose its occupation and follows the demographic change policy as it did in Afrin and al-Bab.

As for the allegations of Erdogan, the elder said that the Arab clans in North and East of Syria in North support the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF), adding that these areas were liberated by the blood of our sons and our martyrs and we would not let anyone occupy and target our areas and the components.

In the same regard, the elder of al-Jhish clan in al-Hasakah city, Abedulah Kondar made clear that the threats of Erdogan aim at reviving the Ottoman glory and occupy the Syrian lands under the pretexts that the areas and of north and east of Syria threaten the national security of Turkey."

He added, "although the mechanism of security borders have been established, but the Turkish threats are ongoing and aim at create the chaos in the safest area in North and East of Syria, we all support the SDF which are the only force that protects the region and we condemn the threats of the Turkish occupation and its allegations." 



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