Arab clans' notables: Turkeys is danger on N, E components

The Arab clans' notables in al-Hasakah city expressed their rejection of the Turkish state's threats to launch attacks on the areas north and east of Syria, they said, "its main aim of the occupation is to hit peoples' fraternity and obliterate the Syrian identity."

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues to threaten to occupy and launching attacks against northern and eastern Syria.

"We all the components in northern and eastern Syria reject of the Turkish state's threats to our regions," said the notable of al-Jabour tribe, Hussein Ali Sultan.

Sultan stressed that the sheikhs and clan's notables, which Turkey claims to have agreed to launch attacks on northern and eastern Syria, "those do not belong to the Arab tribes in Syria, and do not represent the tribes in northern and eastern Syria."

Sultan stressed that Turkey's threats do not target only one component, but all components living in the north of Syria, including Kurds, Syriac and Arabs.

"We ask all our tribes and people to prepare for any attack from the occupying power, we will all fight in one trench against the occupation. "

In his turn, the notable of al-Melham clan, Akram Mahshosh said that "We send a message to all the world that we are against Turkish interference in our safe areas, although we are in a very difficult situation, we are steadfast and ready to defend our land and people at all costs."

Mahshoush pointed to the victories of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the fight against ISIS mercenaries, thousands of Daesh mercenaries are being held in AA's prisons,"If there is any attack on our areas, it will be difficult to control them."

t the end of the conversation, Mahshoush explained that the families of ISIS mercenaries are organizing themselves. If they escaped from al-Hol camp, which is considered one of the most dangerous camps in the world and includes thousands of mercenary families, they will harm all countries of the world, not just north and east Syria.



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