Arab clans: No solution to Syrian crisis without intra-Syrian dialogue

The leaders of the Arab tribes in the area of ​​Tirbe Spiyê noted that the Syrian crisis cannot be resolved without Syrian-Syrian dialogue.

The Future Syria Party held an extended meeting for the residents of Abu Fira' town in the area of ​​Tirbe Spiyê.

 The meeting was attended by tribal elders and dozens of residents of the town, where the latest political developments and the mechanism of the work of the party and its objectives were explained.

An administrator in the party Moaz Abdull Karim said, "The party aims to build a future pluralistic, decentralized and democratic Syria, and works to create a society that will unite all components away from the authority of one party.

And Moaz Abdul Karim added that the countries intervening in Syria fueled the conflict and exploited the Syrian crisis in its favor and marginalized the interests of the Syrian people. "Some countries like Turkey occupied parts of Syria during the current conflict." he said.

Muaz Abdul Karim explained that the countries intervening in Syria tried in various ways to spread strife and discrimination between the components of the Syrian people, and noted: "But the Democratic Autonomous Administration and through the idea of ​​brotherhood of the peoples were able to protect northern and eastern Syria from terrorism, and provided thousands of martyrs in the process."

For their part, the leaders of the tribes noted that Syria is for all Syrians; the regime and the countries involved in the Syrian crisis, must respect the opinion of the Syrian people by starting an intra-Syrian dialogue away from the interests of these countries.


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