Arab clans: Massacres committed against us so Daesh trial must be in N, E of Syria

The notables of Arab Clans in Tel- Hamis district in Al-Jazeera region have demanded to try IS mercenaries' elements who are being held in detention centers in the areas of the Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria through IC with the support of the International Coalition explaining that the mercenaries committed crimes against the civilians of the region.


Thousands of Daesh mercenaries are detained in the prisons of Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria, mostly from European countries, entered Syrian territories through Turkey, which supported and financed Daesh mercenaries in years that have passed.

These mercenaries are a burden on AA, which demanded the formation of a court to prosecute them in the areas of north and east of Syria on March 25, for the massacres and crimes committed there and the existence of all evidence and documents condemning them.

Among the areas occupied by Daesh mercenaries in north and east of Syria, Tel- Hamis, which has severely suffered from Daesh mercenaries' atrocities and dozens of people lost their lives as a result of such these practices.

Dozens of evidence that proved the Daesh brutal 's practices

Tel –Hamis clans' notables affirm the need to prosecute Daesh mercenaries within the territories of north and east of Syria and with the support of the International Coalition for Justice and Equality.

Ahmad Badarn al-Salem the notable of al-Baw Salem clan, one of the notable of al-Sharabiyan clan, praised the efforts and struggle of SDF's fighters, who defeated Daesh mercenaries in the whole of north and east of Syria geographically and affirmed that they now enjoy security and safety, they demanded International Coalition the necessity to establish IC in north and east of Syria to try Daesh mercenaries, because they fought our people here."

Ahmad Badarn al-Salem confirmed that the formation of the tribunal in the north and east of Syria would achieve justice and equality in this country, whose children suffered from the oppression of Daesh. He also stressed the need to continue to support AA to eliminate Daesh ideology.

Tayyi clans' body demanding the trial of Daesh within the north and east of the territories of Syria

Talal Mahmood al-Kayakhi and one of the notable of al-Kayakhi clan from Tayyi clan, pointed out that Daesh mercenaries committed crimes and massacres against the people of the region and inflicted severe damage to the properties of the people, and should be tried in the areas where the crimes were committed, He said: "We, as the notables and Tayyi clans' body, we demanded Daesh trial must be within this region because they committed crimes against their children, and we refuse to form them in areas other than the regions of north and east of Syria."



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