​​​​​​​Arab clans in Tal Hamis district confirm their support for SDF, describe assassination of Sheikh Al-Hafel as sedition

The sheikhs and dignitaries of the Arab clans in the Tal Hamis district condemned the assassination of Sheikh Mutashar Al-Hafel, one of the symbols of the Al-Egeidat clan in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor, and affirmed, "Their support for the Syrian Democratic Forces and that this act is intended for sedition among the clans of the region."

The sheikhs and dignitaries gathered in the district of Tal Hamis in front of Al-Sharie Al-Jinobi roundabout in Tal Hamis, and made a statement to the public opinion, on the case of the assassination of Sheikh Mutashar Al-Hafel, which was read by the notable of the Al-Omari clan in Tal Hamis Muhammad Khulaiwi, and it said:

 “In the name of the sheikhs and elders of the Arab clans in the Tal Hamis district, we strongly condemn the cowardly act that targeted the late Sheikh Mutashar al-Hafel and his companions, and that this heinous act came at a difficult time to entangle plots against this steadfast country that defeated terrorism and its aides from the region thanks to the Syrian Democratic Forces. And the pure blood of our children that watered this pure land.

" The statement continued: “This terrorist act is intended for discord between Arab tribes and clans, our forces and our sons, and that we are fully aware of what is being hatched, and from this platform we direct to the public opinion that we condemn all those who stood behind these despicable and despicable acts of internal and external conspiracies such as Erdogan."

In the statement, the clans sheikhs called on the whole world: “They must be held accountable in front of all international norms. We affirm our standing behind the Syrian Democratic Forces, the honorable people of the world, the sons of our dear homeland, our sheikhs and our notables in northern and eastern Syria in defense of the last drop of blood and liberating every inch of usurper. We all pledged and made our blood stain on the road. Together, with full loyalty, love and sincerity, on coexistence and brotherhood of peoples and defending all that we have about land, honor, freedom and democracy, yes, we pledged to build a free, democratic Syria dominated by brotherhood and peace, and to support our sons and our forces in defeating terrorism and its cells, and all who disturb our security.

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