​​​​​​​Arab clans: All sects must be involved in running country to solve Syrian crisis

Arab clans' notables in Tel-Hamis district in Qamishlo canton have pointed out that the solution to the Syrian crisis will be achieved only through national unity, giving the Syrian regime the right to components and minorities in managing the country, participating in political and social decisions and establishing a real democratic system, not racist.

After the recent Turkish attacks on NE, Syria on October 9, which are still ongoing, the components and clans' notables of Syria renewed the call by the Syrian parties to solve the Syrian crisis, which has been exacerbating day by day since nine years, as a result of external interventions, led by the occupation Turkish, which annexes from time to time parts of Syria.

The notable of al-Bunni Sebba clan in Al-Jazeera region, Suleiman al-Muhammad, stressed that: "The only way to solve the Syrian crisis is national unity, in the face of Erdogan's brutal ambitions, and with our unity, the Turkish incursion into our country can be stopped," and he called for AA and Damascus to open the door for serious dialogue.

Suleiman al-Muhammad indicated that the Syrian people should unite in the face of Erdogan's ambitions, and said: "The Syrian people have been lost for years, and every day Erdogan occupies part of our country." He pointed out that the meetings that were held outside the Syrian soil did not produce a result, on the contrary, they exaggerated the Syrian crisis, and noted: "If 100 countries gather to solve the Syrian crisis, they cannot find a solution, because the solution lies within Syria."

The notable of al-Tufayheen clan in the district of ​​Tel Hamis Ali Muhammad explained: "The Syrian crisis will only be resolved by giving the Syrian regime the right to components and minorities to manage the country and rule, and its participation in political and social decisions." He indicated that the Syrians should hold a meeting to establish a real, not racist, democratic system.

He also indicated that the meetings held abroad did not come well for the country, and he said: "As for external interventions, they are positive and negative at the same time. The American intervention was positive because it eliminated ISIS mercenaries, but now it is negative because it gave permission to Erdogan and its gangs to enter our areas, and plundering its goods, and committing heinous crimes and massacres against our people. "



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