Arab clan against transferring ISIS families to Iraq

The spokesman of the Arab clans in Iraq, Hazim al-Hawit, threatened to crack down on ISIS families if the United Nations moved them from Syria to Iraq.

"We spoke with the UN representative in Erbil and sent an official letter to them. We demanded their intervention to prevent transferring the families of Isis members," Hazim al-Hawit told Russia today RT regarding the Iraqi government's intention to transfer the families of Iraqi ISIS mercenaries in Al-Hol camp in Syria to Zamar district in Nineveh province in Iraq."

"We warned the UN and informed it that if they were transferred to Iraq, we would have a strong response; we would form a tribal force to suppress these families, because they committed crimes against Iraqis," he said.

The Iraqi government is seeking to transfer some 31,400 families of ISIS mercenaries in the camps of northeastern Syria to Zamar district of Nineveh province.

The establishment of the camp in the province is met with angry reactions from all clans there, as well as Yazidis, who suffered from ISIS brutality in 2014.




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