Arab and Turkish researchers: stripping Ocalan of his rights is a major violation of international law

Arab and Turkish researchers and writers stressed that the continued deprivation of leader Ocalan of his rights and depriving him of meeting his family and his lawyer represents a major violation of international law and human rights, stressing that international forces and organizations exploit the human rights file as a policy to serve their interests.

The fascist Turkish occupation state continues to impose isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, amid silence from the international forces and organizations.

Despite the international silence, many Arab and international figures expressed their solidarity with Leader Ocalan and expressed their rejection of Turkish policies.

Duplication and political exploitation of human rights

Palestinian political analyst, Mohammad Abu Mahdi, confirmed during an exclusive interview with ANHA’s agency, that it has been proven by experience that governments and various international organizations do not deal with the issue of human rights as a constant that should be defended everywhere, but rather an issue that can be considered and politically exploited according to the interests of each country.

Abu Mahdi believes that "the United States of America is the most obvious example of the duality of these positions related to rights, so we find it declaring its support for tyrannical, repressive and corrupt regimes that violate rights and freedoms and share with them in politics, security and the economy; Because those regimes are in their orbit, and they spread hostility and slogans of democracy, rights and violations with countries that oppose their policies, as do most of the European Union countries.

With regard to the issue of leader Ocalan, the Palestinian analyst considered that "he was a victim of the intersection of interests between states as a person and an issue. It was clear that his arrest and stay in detention due to the international community's lack of seriousness in issues of individual and collective rights, including the issue of the Kurdish people, whom the world did not do justice to and remain silent." For all the crimes committed against him over the decades.

He pointed out that "the Turkish regime is the second most important partner in NATO, and it achieves in one way or another Western interests, which makes the world silent about its violations against the Turkish opposition and Kurdish parties, and crimes and attacks on the sovereignty of countries, as is the case in Iraq, Syria, Libya and others, Because this regime is part of a military alliance that practices international crime against countries and peoples and has caused thousands of tragedies throughout the universe, and hence the silence is mutual until interests differ.”

In this context, Abu Mahdi said: "Amendment of the positions of international organizations regarding the Kurdish issue, the freedom of Ocalan and thousands of detainees does not happen by merely assuming good intentions in this country or that, but rather as a result of activating the cards of the Kurdish people's power, starting first with the unity of the Kurdish position towards various issues related to their future and their struggle. Their right to self-determination, and to strengthen relations with solidarity movements, international parties and countries that do not have direct interests with Ankara.

international hypocrisy

Egyptian writer Ilham al-Meligy, in his turn, confirmed to ANHA’s agency, "The suspicious international silence about the violations committed by the Turkish authorities towards the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan exposes the international hypocrisy, or the hypocrisy that is a general feature of European countries that often falsify us by talking about human rights laws, and claiming that compliance with and respect for it constitutes a ruling criterion in the relations of those countries with other regimes.

The Egyptian writer considered that "the relationship with the Turkish regime is a revealing example of this shameful hypocrisy, as the Turkish regime practices the most heinous violations possible against the leader of every crime that he defends the legitimate rights of his people."

For his part, the Turkish researcher, Mehmet Amin, said: "If we note the arrest of the leader Abdullah Ocalan on February 15, 1999, we find that he was captured and arrested with a force that far exceeded the capabilities of the Turkish force at that time, and with the cooperation of the forces of the great powers in the world."

The researcher explained, during an interview with ANHA’s agency, that "the Turkish Prime Minister at the time, Bulent Ecevit, said when Ocalan was arrested, saying (I do not know who brought him and why they brought him to Turkey). This statement is known by the media and recorded in the archives of the official media in Turkey."

The Turkish researcher said: "For 23 years, Ocalan has been subjected to all kinds of torture in Turkey's prisons, from isolation and deprivation of meeting his relatives and lawyers, and he has been denied all rights of detainees in violation of international law and even the constitution of Turkey itself."

He considered that "what Ocalan is subjected to in his imprisonment impedes the development of democracy in Turkey, and stands in the way of resolving the Kurdish issue, especially since in light of this isolation that Ocalan is facing, discussions are taking place in the Turkish arena about solving the Kurdish issue and the issue is being discussed without the presence of the issue's owner, Ocalan. This Evidence that there is no seriousness in solving the Kurdish issue."

The Turkish researcher explained that international organizations are under the control of the authority in Turkey, pointing out that they submit reports to the government and do not follow them and do not move to escalate the issue, which indicates that the matter is just common interests and benefits and not principles or morals as they promote.

The Turkish researcher also saw that "Erdogan's regime fell captive in the hands of the racist Nationalist Movement Party, which does not believe in humanity and does not see the right to live for anyone but its party and nationalism, as the situation in Turkey confirms now."

At the conclusion of his speech, the Turkish researcher pointed out that "what Ocalan is exposed to reveals the human rights situation that has fallen in Turkey to the extent that the Turkish authorities do not fulfill their duty towards the detainees, as the Sumerians used to do thousands of years ago towards their detainees or prisoners, as we read in history, where the detainees were At that time, they were constantly under the watch of doctors and their families were always informed, which is something that is being prevented from Ocalan and we are in the era of civilization, progress and human rights, as they claim.



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