Arab and Kurdish clan leaders: Ongoing plot affects Arabs and Kurds

 Leaders of Arab and Kurdish clans in Derbasia explained that arresting the leader, Abdullah Ocalan aims to prevent  spreading his democratic idea; because he defends and demands  the oppressed peoples' rights, they said "attacks on the north and east Syria is a continuation of the plot."

The leader, Abdullah Ocalan was arrested on February 15, 1999 by the Turkish intelligence and participation of world powers.

The international plot aimed at exterminating the Kurdish people, deprive it from his leadership.  For the time being,  they are trying to exterminate the Kurds, through the repeated attacks on the entire geography of Kurdistan.

  Ali Abbas, notable of al Badina clan in the Derbasia area, explained that throughout history the Kurdish people have been exterminated, oppressed and persecuted by the ruling regimes. Ocalan-based ideology revolution is still suppressed.

 Abbas said that the ongoing isolation  aimed at limiting the dissemination of his democratic idea, as it defends the culture and language of an oppressed people, and the language and culture of other peoples has been imposed on him.

"Abdullah Ocalan revolution spread in the four parts of Kurdistan, so the enemies of humanity arrested him, because they saw the leader as a danger on their authoritarian regime," he said. 

Notable of  al-Badina, Ali Abbas, stressed that the attacks of the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries on northeastern Syria and occupation  of Seri Kania and Gire Spi, is an extension of the international  plot, he continued: "The only solution to thwart this plot is resistance against the occupation and its mercenaries."

 The plot represents an attack on the peoples of the Middle East, where the leader put forward the idea of a democratic nation as an alternative to the way of life in the region, and offers the peoples of the region alternative solutions, the Arab people also were oppressed by the ruling regimes that participated in the plot.

Notable of the Arab Waldah clan, Ibrahim al-Ahmad, denounced the international plot. "This plot against  the leader, Abdullah Ocalan continues, but in different forms and methods, the recent attack on northeastern Syria, and daily threats of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are a continuation of that conspiracy," he said. 

Al-Ahmad said the people of northeastern Syria, including the Arab people, follow the leader's approach and philosophy "because his democratic idea and the revolution represents the project of the democratic nation and succeeded thanks to it."


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