Arab Alliance: The Houthis launched a ballistic missile at Marib

The spokesman for the Arab coalition forces, Colonel Turki al-Maliki, confirmed that the Houthis launched a ballistic missile from the Yemeni interior on Wednesday, which fell in the middle of al-Shabaka neighborhood.

Al-Maliki pointed out that "this launch is a deliberate escalation against innocent civilians, and comes in the context of the Houthis' approach to targeting civilians and notables inside Yemen and the neighboring countries of Yemen," according to Al-Ain News.

He continued, "The leadership of the joint coalition forces continues to take strict and deterrent measures to neutralize and destroy these ballistic capabilities to protect civilians inside Yemen, and to protect regional and international security."

He stressed that "the continued firing of rockets at civilians, in violation of international humanitarian law, and threatens the lives of hundreds of civilians."



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