Appeals for immediate action to lift the siege on al-Shahba canton

Officials in al-Shahba and Afrin provinces called on all human rights organizations, councils and unions to act immediately to curb the siege imposed by the Syrian regime on the people of Afrin in Al-Shahba.

The Syrian regime continues to impose a siege on the residents of Afrin in al-Shahba district. The regime imposes heavy amounts of money on food and medical supplies lacking in the canton, which is home to tens of thousands of Afrin residents forcibly displaced from their homes.

With this policy imposed by the Syrian regime, the situation of the people in this region is worsening as no human rights organization provides any real assistance to the people.

In this context, the co-chair of the Autonomous Administration in Afrin canton Shiraz Hammo stressed that despite the siege imposed on them by the Syrian regime, "they continue to resist them, and make great efforts to secure the needs of the people."

"In spite of the weak potential we have, we as the Autonomous Administration of Afrin canton, with its administration, councils, communes and bodies, we are working to secure the needs of the people for all aspects of living."

Shiraz pointed out that no human rights organization provided serious assistance to the people. "The assistance provided by human rights organizations is not considered serious assistance because it meets only 20% of the needs of the people, which leads to pressure on the administration."

“There is only one outlet that leads to areas of the regime, '' said Idris Waqas, the co-chairman of the Sardam camp, adding that the regime imposed a siege and imposed taxes on goods and medicines, leading to higher prices.

Idris Waqas pointed out that the people are aware of what the regime is doing to them, adding, “On this basis, the people are making alternative plans, where they grow vegetables and reduce water consumption.



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