Appeals for holding Turkey accountable for crimes

The Council of the Martyrs' Families in Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafieh neighborhoods appealed to human rights organizations and civil society to hold the Turkish occupation accountable for the crimes and violations  against the values and sanctities of the Kurdish people.

This came in a statement by the Council of the Martyrs' Families in the neighborhoods of Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafieh at the martyrs' shrines with the participation of the families of the martyrs. The statement was read by member of the Council, Nidal Haj Hussein, in which he said:

"While the world is still bewildered by the Coronavirus, Turkey's AKP is committing the most brutal crimes against humanity and nature and denying the legitimate rights of Kurdish People.

The Turkish occupation attacked and demolished several martyrs' shrines in Bakûr of Kurdistan.

 We have not found in history a dirtier model than this fascist regime, which has attacked the shrines of martyrs, as it has done in several cities in Bakûr and Afrin. Today it is repeating those methods that have been practiced against the will of our people for hundreds of years in the recent decades more. The decades of the renaissance of the Kurdish people, especially in Rojava, where they were able to work together alongside other components for building a popular socio-political system.

We appeal to all human rights organizations, civil society and the lovers of democracy and peace to stop such inhuman practices against our values and sanctities and hope at this stage that these organizations will carry out their moral duty by exposing the policies of AKP, which is denying the will of our Kurdish people.

These violations will only increase our determination to continue the struggle behind the banner of martyrs and leader Ocalan, and to support the national initiative launched by the SDF to achieve Kurdish unity, which is our hope for a historic gain that will be the basis for subsequent developments that will benefit all parts of Kurdistan. We call on all Kurdish parties to renounce differences and to put the public interest above special interests."

The statement ended with slogans glorifying the martyrs.

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