Aoun: Lebanon faces 5 enemies

The President of the Lebanese Republic, Michel Aoun, said, "Today, Lebanon is fighting another war, and it is perhaps the fiercest of the military wars, because it affects every Lebanese in their livelihood, and by the future of his children, where the economic and financial situation puts pressure on everyone has not escaped from it ... Lebanon's enemies in this war are many. "

Aoun asserted in his speech on the occasion of the graduation of the officers of the Diamond Jubilee Course for the army, that there are 5 enemies, that Lebanon must confront them, "The first is the rampant corruption in institutions and in many souls, and the second is everyone who manipulates the livelihood of citizens to accumulate profits, the third is the one who contributed and still contributes to hitting our currency to pile up funds, and the fourth is everyone who launches rumors to spread despair and the spirit of surrender and tour the countries of the world as an incitement against the country and its people.

Aoun pointed to the escalating Israeli violations of Resolution 1701, stressing, "We are keen to adhere to this resolution and resolve the disputed matters under the auspices of the United Nations, but we are also obligated to defend ourselves and our land, water and sovereignty, and do not tolerate that."

He added that "with the approval of the initial plan for the return of the displaced Syrians to their countries, which have become mostly safe and able to accommodate them, the state has developed a unified vision to solve this crisis and we hope that the concerned countries will respond with us to ensure a safe and decent return to them."

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