Another woman is ISIS women’s victim in al-Hol camp

An anonymous woman was killed in al-Hol camp at the hands of the women of ISIS mercenaries.

A source from al-Hol camp, 45 km east of the al-Hasakah city center told our agency’s correspondent that on Tuesday afternoon, the security forces found the body of a woman in the section designated for foreign ISIS women, known as the “migrant women” section.

More than 68,000 displaced, refugees and ISIS mercenaries’ families inhabit the camp.

In exclusive photos obtained by our agency, it was clear that the woman had been tortured and severely beaten throughout her body, and the effects of the bruises are widespread throughout the body, especially the head.

About the incident, the security forces in the camp explained that they found the body after receiving information from some women about the presence of the body in the tent, and that they immediately transported the body to the People Hospital in al-Hasakah city for a forensic examination and to know the timing of the accident, so that they can follow up the facts of the incident.

Killings have increased in al-Hol camp which is considered one of the most dangerous camps in the world, where more than 40,000 people from the families of foreign ISIS mercenaries are existed, yet the countries of these families still refuse to receive them despite many appeals by the Autonomous Administration to evacuate the foreign ISIS mercenaries’ families.

In a previous report published by our agency and in an interview with the security force official in the camp, she confirmed that the killings occur as a result of many women rejection of the extremist ideas that ISIS women try to spread.

The crimes of ISIS mercenaries continue in an attempt to revive ISIS extremist thought and control the thoughts of the camp residents, especially after ISIS mercenaries lost their military control over their last strongholds on the Syrian soil in March last year at the hands of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).


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