Another story added to Ottomans’ crimes, perpetuates Armenians' relationship with Yezidis

They killed his father before his eyes and when he came back to take his mother and his baby brother, the Ottoman soldiers had already reached them and he did not find their bodies. The Yezidis rescued him.

The Armenian people still remember the massacres and crimes committed by the Ottoman soldiers against their ancestors as they recall them in their daily conversations from some of those who managed to escape from these massacres. The Jamil Kivu's grandfather, Sarkis Kivu, was one of the survivors of these massacres after the Yezidi families rescued him.

Jamil Kivu, an Armenian from the village of Dokker, southeast of Amuda, 20 km away, lives in the village of Yazidis. The Yezidis saved his grandfather, Sarkis Kivu, and dozens of Armenian children from the massacres by the Ottomans.

Jamil Kivu quotes Sarkis from his grandfather. "During 1914 the Ottomans stormed our village of Jogak in Wan area of Bakur Kurdistan. They killed the Armenians. They killed my father before my eyes my eyes; I fled before they followed me. I was 12 when I returned to save my mother and my baby brother from the house." They have already reached them and they disappeared ever since.

He lived a whole year on wild grasses

Sarkis kept hiding for a whole year in the wilderness of Weran Shar with some Armenians. According to him, most of them died of diseases and hunger. During this year their food was only wild herbs, until some shepherds found him and took him to the house of Afdi Shalash, who was one of the Yazidi leaders at the time. He hid him out of sight and took care of him and named him Halouj to hide his identity to the Ottomans. After Afdi Shalash's death, his nephew Shalash took care of the Armenian Sarkis until he became a young man.

After reaching the age of youth, Khalaf Shalash searched for an Armenian girl for Sarkis to marry her. He found an Armenian girl named "Zabila", an Armenian from Izmir who was also hiding in some Yezidi families. They married them and Zabila was named "Mariam" for fear of the Ottomans as well. After the Turkish state carried out a massacre against the family of Ibrahim Pasha Milli in 1920, Sarkis came with the rest of the Yazidi Kurdish families to Rojava Kurdistan and built the village of Dokar in the district of Amuda.

After their stay in the village of Dokar, Sarkis and Zabila left five children, four boys and a girl, and Jamil's father was one of them. He married a Armenian woman in the village as well. He has been working as a teacher for 36 years in Hasakah.

Regarding the close relationship between the Armenians and the Yazidis, Jamil Kivu says: We live with each other as one family.

Jamil has a brother named artist Ibrahim Kivu, who currently lives in one of the European countries.

He dug a hole inside his house, and saved dozens of Armenian children

Besi Khaltan, an elderly Yezidi woman living in the village of Dokar, aged more than 90 years old, says that her father, Kali, is from the Yazidi Khaltan clan in the Siirte region of Bakur, Kurdistan hid many Armenian children whom the Yezidis were able to save.

“I was very curious about that pit inside our house,” she says. “Whenever I approached it, my father stopped me and later I knew that my father was hiding Armenian children.” She goes on bitterly saying, “We, Yazidis, Syriacs, and Armenians have always been a target for the Turks and Ottomans through history, look what they have done in Shengal and now in Afrin.''



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