Another crime in al-Hol camp, Iraqi refugee killed

On Thursday morning, Iraqi refugee killed after exposing to hit on his head, and this behavior has been repeated more than once inside al-Hol camp, which is the most dangerous camp in the world, sheltering more than 40,000 displaced from ISIS families, as well as to Iraqi refugees and displaced.

About the crime ANHA's correspondent in al-Hol town said that security forces specialized in guarding the camp found the corpse of an Iraqi killed in his tent in al-Houl camp, 45 km east of the city of al-Hasakah, north and east Syria.

And the camp is witnessing state of chose and instability and repeated killing scenarios and escape attempts, after defeating ISIS in last pocket in al-Baguaz town since 23 March 2019.

In the details of the crime, the security forces told Hawar news agency (ANHA) that this morning, at exactly seven o'clock, their forces found the corpse of an Iraqi refugee named Abdullah Hamad al-Muhammad, aged 60 years- old, in the first sector of the camp, after being beaten on the head with a sharp tool that led to a hole in Skull.

The source indicated that the killing and fabrication of chaos in the camp has been increasing in recent times in an attempt by ISIS mercenaries to consolidate ISIS ideology and limit the retreat of some from this extremist ideology, and in an attempt to take advantage of the chaos to flee the camp.

Al-Hol camp is considered one of the largest camps located within the areas of Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria, where more than 67 thousand people live among Iraqi refugees and displaced Syrians, in addition to the families of ISIS mercenaries.



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