Ankara , Washington are on brink of diplomatic war and Tehran is far from making nuclear weapon

At a time when Tehran has announced that it has exceeded its limit on enriched uranium, Ankara and Washington are preparing for a diplomatic war.

The tension between Ankara and Washington has increased and Tehran has exceeded its limit for enriching uranium, the World press reported on Tuesday.

How close is Iran to developing its nuclear weapons?

The US Wall Street Journal has said that Tehran has exceeded the basic limit of the 2015 deal, but experts say it is a small step and Tehran will take at least one year to build a weapon.

Iran said on Monday it had violated one of the main restrictions of the 2015 nuclear deal by stockpiling more than 300 kilograms of enriched uranium.

Is this step serious?

Iran's decision is the first clear and deliberate violation of the agreement. But at the moment, it's just a small step toward having enough fuel to make a nuclear weapon.

The Trump-Erdogan meeting failed to clear the atmosphere

The Washington Times reported in a report on the results of the Trump-Erdogan summit in Japan and said it was likely that the confrontation between the United States and Turkey over Ankara's plan to buy advanced missiles from Russia in the coming days, according to regional experts, who say that President Trump failed to address the issue directly in a meeting with the leader of Turkey, giving way to a diplomatic clash between NATO allies.



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