ANHA reaches ISIS member wanted by INTERPOL

The most dangerous ISIS Swiss member as described by the international and Swiss media is in the grip of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), ANHA has reached him and revealed the story of his accession until the moment of his arrest.

Daniel Demouge who was known in the ranks of Daesh as Abu Elias the Swiss, about a month and a half ago he was arrested by SDF's Anti-Terror Units in June while planning to smuggle his French wife of Algerian origin.

Demouge, as he told ANHA holds Spanish citizenship, too. He met ISIS through a friend in Switzerland in 2015 and joined the ranks of Daesh mercenaries in May 5 of that year.

Before he joined Daesh, he was a Christian, but he says he converted to Islam after the first published letter of the mercenary leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi after occupying the Iraqi province of Mosul in July 2014. One of Iraq's largest cities was occupied in just three hours.

The mercenary flight begins from Switzerland in April 21, 2015 and travels with his Swiss friend, who is also a member of Daesh group, to the beloved country of mercenaries from Europe. He travels in Istanbul, Turkey.

"I stayed two weeks at a hotel in Istanbul and neither the Turkish police nor anyone questioned me," says the architecture student.

Easily, he asserts as wanted by INTERPOL since 2016, he travels by bus from Istanbul to Urfa and from there to Syria.

INTERPOL has 173 wanted ISIS elements, including six European nationals and Daniel Demouge, is one of the most wanted, according to international media.

According to the media, Demouge controlled with a group of mercenaries an official document forgery organization in Syria. This institution sent a mercenary with a forged passport named Asar Mahmoud Sheikh and was arrested in Turkey.

The Swiss mercenary is one of 73 Swiss who joined ISIS, 23 killed and 16 returned to their country. The fate of the rest remains unknown. There is an arrest notification against him in Switzerland.

According to media reports and FBI investigations, Demouge was trained on car bomb attacks and was a professional in the field.

He was known as Abu Elias the Swiss, he was known for enlisting the Swiss in Daesh and two of those werer arrested in Turkey.

The fate of Demouge was anonymous, he was believed to be in Syria or Iraq, but in 2018, it turned out that Demouge was not killed and there were fears of his return to Switzerland.

In Syria, the Swiss mercenary has undergone six months of military training.

Demouge, as he claimed, has fought in fronts against the regime near the Kuweirs military airport in southeast Aleppo, and in late 2015 he suffered a right thigh injury.

"I went to Mosul for treatment," says the holder of the Spanish citizenship, then he returned to Syria, the mercenary hid from ISIS for three months and chose the city of al-Bab, which is under the occupation of Turkish-backed mercenary groups.

After al-Bab station, the mercenary, who had received a sniper training course at a camp in the province of Hama, returns to the ranks of Daesh mercenaries and marries a woman of Algerian origin and holds the French nationality.

Afterwards, the mercenary works, as he claims to add, at "sisters divan", the women who married mercenaries later killed in the wars.

When the Syrian Democratic Forces began their campaign to liberate Al-Raqqa from Daesh mercenaries, the mercenary escapes from there to the village of Al-Bagouz and from there, too, and after tightening the siege on them, he flees to another area in Syria.

In Azaz region, which is occupied by Turkey and mercenary groups affiliated to it, Sultan Murad mercenaries arrested the fugitive mercenary.

Six months later, two months in a solitary room, the mercenaries released the Swiss mercenary.

The mercenaries of Sultan Murad, who are directly linked to Turkish intelligence, release Demouge for $ 5,000 in late 2018.

"I was receiving money from my mother, and communicating with her, first the Sultan Murad faction asked me for $ 25,000, but I had only $ 5,000, which is what Sultan Murad agreed to release me for," he said.

The Daesh member asserts that the mercenaries of Sultan Murad released him despite the fact they know he was in the ranks of Daesh.

When it occupied several cities in northwestern Syria, Turkey claimed that it wanted to liberate those cities from ISIS and that the mercenary groups that participated in the Turkish occupation had no links with ISIS.

Following his release by mercenaries of Sultan Murad, the mercenary plans to return to the SDF areas to smuggle his wife in al-Hol camp.

On his way to his wife, the Anti-Terror Units managed to to arrest him in an accurate security operation.

When asked about the country in which he preferred to live, the mercenary said "Turkey".

The choice of Daesh member about his preference to return to Turkey raises many questions about Turkey's claims in the fight against Daesh.



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