Andrej Kropage: Rojava revolution made great practical steps

"We see ourselves as part of this project," said Professor Andrej Kropage, member of the Western delegation which have visited North and East of Syria.

A delegation of European, American and European journalists, intellectuals and jurists,  visited Rojava a week ago to take a look at the achievements, see the role of educational institutions and the role of women in it. The delegation visited several institutions in the Autonomous Administration. It also visited universities and institutes, and discussed some of the social and practical topics and the new material in Rojava, as "Jineolojî" material, namely women's science. They delivered also organized lectures on health.

The delegation ended its visit by signing a friendship treaty between the University of California, the University of Rojava and the Mesopotamia Academy.

Professor of anthropology at the University of California, who is of Yugoslav origin, Andrej Kropage, was part of the delegation and said to our agency about Rojava, "What I saw in the Rojava revolution is that it is not only theoretical but has made great practical steps."

"I was following the Rojava revolution eagerly before my visit, but the vision was different," Kropage said, referring to his visit to Rojava, "but there is pain everywhere and this pain will removed by the cooperation and the unity."

"I was looking for Ocalan thought"

Around the world there are many people influenced by the thought of the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan, and Andrej Kropage, one of them, where he read the book of "Freedom Sociology" of Abdullah Ocalan and was influenced by this book, adding, "Abdullah Ocalan always speaks in his books to build the democratic nation system and he struggled to make all the peoples live together, and when I read his book, I said in my heart, "that's what I was looking for."

"I have never seen such a democratic system anywhere"

"I see myself as a part of this revolution, all living together without distinction, I have never seen such a democratic system anywhere, I am drawing inspiration from the democratic nation system, I saw a real democracy in Rojava," he said, my thought is in keeping with Ocalan's thought and this system can be a model for a solution in the Middle East. "

"I saw my future here"

"What we saw in Rojava was not only theoretical, I saw an application of revolution and an impetus for practical steps," he said, adding that many countries in the world were influenced by the democratic nation's project. "War is not the solution to the building, and I hope that the threats to attack this region will end."

"We will share and move what we have seen to everyone. This project should be a model in the Balkans or Yugoslavia. This project can benefit this region," he said.



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