An Iraqi refugee killed in Al-Hol camp

In Al-Hol camp, security forces found the body of an Iraqi refugee woman who was "strangled", while information indicates that ISIS are behind the crime.

According to the information our reporters obtained, the security forces responsible for the security and protection of Al-Hol camp in Al-Hasakah canton in northern and eastern Syria found the body of an Iraqi refugee last night, who was "strangled" by an electricity cable.

The reporter mentioned that the refugee is called Jawhar, and she comes from the Iraqi city of Al-Qaim, and she is the mother of a 7-month-old girl.

While the information also indicated that her brother was also killed at an earlier time by ISIS women in the camp, while investigations continue to determine the circumstances of the crime.

Murder and stabbing crimes increased in the camp, while the security authorities, during previous statements to our agency, referred the matter to the extremist mentality that mercenaries still carry.

While noting that most of these crimes women are behind them, in an effort to preserve extremist ideology among their families, and spread it among Iraqi refugees.


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