An attack on the Hameimim base, Hama power station

The Russian Defense Ministry announced that the mercenaries of Turkey fired four rockets towards the base of "Hameimim" in Syria and that all the missiles were found and destroyed.

The Ministry of Defense said in a statement: "At approximately 19:00, militants fired four missiles from a rocket launcher towards the base," Hameimim "All missiles were detected using air defense means and destruction, a platform was destroyed in the area of de-escalation in Idlib by Russian air force."

According to the Russian defense statement, the regime's forces, supported by the Russian air force, continue to repel terrorist attacks from "Jabhet al-Nusra" mercenaries in the southern areas of escalation in Idlib.

In the same context, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that a guided jets of al-Nusra mercenaries supported by the Turkish occupation targeted the power station "Zara" northwest of the Syrian city of Hama with five shells without causing any injuries.

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