An appeal from Health Body of Al-Jazeera region

The curfew situation in the cities and districts and towns of northern and eastern Syria enters its second day. In its turn, the Health Body confirmed that no case was recorded in the area, and it appealed to the people to abide by the curfew situation, and to communicate with the numbers stated with responsibility.

According to the circular issued by the Joint Presidency of the Executive Council for North and East Syria as a preventive measure to prevent the emergence and spread of the Corona virus, a curfew was imposed in the areas of northern and eastern Syria starting at 06:00 on March 23, and will continue for 15 days, subject to extension.

The Health Body in North and East Syria confirmed today, March 24, that no infection with the Corona virus, which has become a pandemic, has been recorded in most of the world countries, and as of now 16,563 people have lost their lives.

The Health Body of Al-Jazeera region has allocated telephone numbers to inform if any citizen is suspected has covid 19

While the Internal Security Forces intensified their patrols at all entrances and exits of cities, districts, towns, and neighborhoods in northern and eastern Syria, and according to those in charge, 80% of the people in NE, Syria have obliged with the ban that has been declared.



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