Amina Omar: Syrians' agreement guarantees peoples’ rights, way to solve crisis

The co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, said during her participation in the activities of the symposium in the city of Manbij that the Syrian-Syrian dialogue is the only way to solve the Syrian crisis, and stressed the need for Syrians to agree to guarantee the rights of the people of the country.

Participants in the activities of the symposium held by the Syrian Democratic Council in the city of Manbij under the slogan "Towards a National Conference for the People of al-Jazeera and the Euphrates" ended discussions on the first axis that dealt with "Syrian - Syrian dialogue: dialogue with the opposition, dialogue with the regime, Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue and its reflection on political solution. "

During the discussions of the first axis, the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) Amina Omar said that the “SDC” was among the first to present the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, which is the only way to solve the Syrian crisis.

In the context of her speech, she stressed the need for the Syrians to agree among themselves to guarantee the rights of all the people of the country.

Amina Omar added, "When the Syrian Democratic Council proposes the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, it really seeks to do so. It has also worked on holding 3 conferences and a lot of dialogues and seminars to achieve the demands of the Syrian people, and this is a very important step, because meetings were always held abroad, and they were excluded. The people of northern Syria from all the meetings that are held for the Syrian people. "

She noted that the suffering of the Syrian people has continued since nearly ten years of the Syrian crisis, without any signs of a solution despite the holding of meetings and the conclusion of agreements, but without success or reaching a solution.

She said that the memorandum of understanding signed with the People's Will Party in Moscow was a positive step, as two Syrian parties have deliberated voluntarily about the Syrian crisis, and it is considered a road map to solve the crisis without external interference.

As for the dialogue with the Syrian government, Amina pointed out that "there were meetings with the Syrian government, but these meetings did not reach the level of discussions because the government, in turn, does not accept dialogue and obstructs the Syrian-Syrian dialogue."

Regarding the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue, the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council confirmed that resolving the Kurdish issue will bring positive results on the political process in general, because the differences between the Kurds hinder the solution of the Kurdish issue and the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue, which in turn will strengthen the Autonomous Administration project.

During the discussions, the attendees stressed the necessity of dialogue between all Syrians without excluding any party to preserve the territorial integrity of Syria and its people.

They also emphasized the necessity of holding the symposium and considered it a "qualitative leap on the road to democracy, and stressed the need to continue the dialogues to reach a solution to the Syrian crisis."

The symposium continues with discussion on the points of the second axis, which deals with the historical relations between the peoples of the region and their role in building the Autonomous Administration, and the mechanism for developing participation and institutional work in Autonomous Administration.



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