Amina Omar SDC symposiums are courageous and transparent

Amina Omar stressed that the sessions were held by Syrian Democratic Council are Characterized as being fearless and transparent effect, participants emphasized the importance of Syrian-Syrian dialogue in addition to development of Autonomous Administration.

Since the 11th of last September, the Syrian Democratic Council organised a series of dialogue seminars in different regions in NE Syria, the beginning was from city of Hasakah, in an effort to reach a national conference that brings together components and peoples of Al-Jazira and Euphrates regions.

To date, the Council has held 8 seminars in Al-Hasaka, Manbij, Tabqa, Raqqa, Kobani and Qamishlo, and in this context, the Co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, told our agency that the council is preparing to hold 5 seminars in “Qamishlo , Deir ez-Zor And Alwafidin ".

she stressed that the primary purpose of these seminars enhancing participation within the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, and developing it through the listening to opinions, proposals and interventions of the participants, along with performance evaluating of the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Council.

'Audacity in proposing and expressing opinions'

Amina Omar explained that meeting that were held characterized by transparency and boldness in presenting opinions, whether SDC or by the attendees, she quoted as saying: “These opinions we wanted to build bridges of trust between the Syrian people.” She made the point clear that symposiums were positive in terms of the percentage of participants and the difference between social strata, political and intellectual orientations

Omar added, "we find positive in the attitude of the participants towards this type of symposiums, which give an opportunity to present different ideas, to reach common visions, for different ideas

'The importance of Syrian-Syrian dialogue'

Regarding the most important opinions of the attendees, during the 8 dialogue seminars, Amina Omar added that “the opinions, ideas, and that were mentioned in the seminars which focuses on the Syrian-Syrian dialogue.

In addition to the Council’s continuing dialogue with all parties, whether with the Syrian government or the opposition, with a distinction between the internal opposition that carries a democratic national project and the external opposition dependent on foreign agendas, and need to unite parties that help reaching a solution to the Syrian crisis.

According to Omar, developing work and project of the AANES with the appropriate expertise and specialists to be able to develop the administration better, this was also among the important points that the participants focused on


With regard to the response of the parties invited by SDC to his dialogue seminars, SHE indicated that "attendance was good and remarkable, but some parties refrained from attending these meetings."

The co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, concluded her speech by referring to those who did not answer the invitations of the Syrian Democratic Council to attend the seminars and said: "They attended them through figures who are affiliated with them to follow up on what is happening, but the attendance was not officially, and this is due to their political calculations "



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