Amina Omar: KNK has important role in new stage

The co-chair of MSD Amina Omar said that the Kurdistan National Congress(KNK) has an important role in the new stage while the member of KNK, Derya Remadan said that they are continuing their works to unite the Kurdish rank.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary, a celebration was organized in Zana Hall of Qamishlo city in which the co-chair of MSD Amina Omar and the member of KNK Derya Remadan talked to ANHA agency.

Amina Omar congratulated the anniversary of establishing the conference and said that the unity of the components of Kurdistan can address the attacks of the Turkish occupation army where the regions of Kurdistan are subjected to many attacks so that it is necessary to close the ranks and face these attacks and thwart them, and she added it is time to solve the outstanding problems between the parties so that we can solve the problems of the Kurdish people and all the other peoples.

Amina Omar made clear that the Kurdish cause turned into an international cause and it discussed every day and added: we must invest these opportunities and save the gain achieved by the struggle and the sacrifices because we are passing through an important stage and assured the importance of stepping up the struggle to maintain the peoples' gains. 

As for the unity of the Kurdish rank Amina Omar called on the Kurdish parties to abandon private interests and achieve the interests of the people.

For her turn, the member of KNK, Derya Remdan congratulated the anniversary of  establishing the Kurdistan National Conference on the Kurdish people and pointed out to the efforts of KNK initiative-Rojava Branch to unify the Kurdish rank and said, " the Turkish occupation state was targeting the unity of the Kurdish people in Kurdistan and it is still targeting it, and on this bases and in order to unify the Kurdish rank in Rojava we started this initiative in which many parties have participated in but some parties did not abandon their interests, we are continuing our efforts and works to unify the Kurdish rank and we hope that all the Kurdish people to support us to achieve this goal soon.

She made clear that the demands and the hopes of the Kurdish people in achieving the unity are great and added: " no political party should block and stop the demands and hopes and we hope that all the political parties to abandon their own interests and to support us to build a Kurdish united reference."            



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