Amid accusations, reinforcements.. a Russian-Turkish meeting on Idlib tomorrow

Tomorrow, the Turkish capital, Ankara, will witness a Russian-Turkish meeting at the experts level to discuss the situation in Idlib, amid accusations of violating the new ceasefire decision and Turkey sending major military reinforcements to Idlib.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense announced today that it will hold a meeting with the Russian delegation in the Turkish capital, Ankara, tomorrow, to discuss the situation in Idlib.

This comes after Russia and Turkey announced a few days ago a new agreement to ceasefire in Idlib, but the Syrian government accused Turkey's mercenaries of violating the agreement many times.

In a related context, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said today, that within one hour, Turkey introduced more than 260 military vehicles to Idlib, while the number of Turkish vehicles that entered Idlib since the ceasefire began is 600, in addition to hundreds of soldiers.

It is reported that during the past month, Russia and Turkey held three meetings on Idlib, but they did not reach any results, while Russia accused Turkey of not fulfilling its commitment during the Sochi and Astana meetings.

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