​​​​​​​American silence regarding guarantor countries' deals raises fears

Intellectuals in Al-Jazeera said that the American silence regarding the deals among the guarantor countries raises fears. They called for raising the pace of struggle and resistance, and stressed the need to unify the Kurdish rank.

The Astana meetings that are held on the basis of finding a solution to the Syrian crisis have become a nightmare for the peoples of the northeast together. Whenever these meetings are held, people are ravaged by a catastrophe.

The Turkish occupation state continues its attacks against the peoples of northeast Syria and the Middle East in general in cooperation with its allies. Amid an unjustified international silence, Iran and Turkey are trying to strike the Kurdish unity in Syria through Russian support. The Co-chair of the Union of Intellectuals in Al-Jazeera region, the poet Abboud Maghso, described the Turkish occupation state by brutality. He said: The Turkish occupation state was founded on the principles of killing, destruction and genocide. Therefore, when a region is founded on the principle of the brotherhood of peoples and a democratic nation, it hurries to strike it.

He pointed out that Turkey is working in cooperation with countries that share common interests (Russia and Iran) against the regions of northeast Syria, to develop plans and conduct new deals to launch attacks in the region, especially after the recent Astana meeting.

He stressed that we should not underestimate the continuing Turkish threats and said: "We must go into depth, with an analytical view, and prepare for any possible attack."

Turkey finds itself a strong country, and aims to launch attacks continuously,: "Turkey is trying to re-take control of the Middle East map again under different pretexts by supporting Muslim Brotherhood and the mercenaries and some forces in Başûr of Kurdistan."

He pointed out that Turkey aims to achieve external accomplishments by exporting its internal crises abroad, after it put many intellectuals, politicians and academics in prisons in addition to its deepened severe economic crisis.

He pointed out that Turkey, with its attacks, not only threatens the regions of the Middle East, but also Western countries: Turkey's seizure of strategic points on the borders between Greece, Romania and Bulgaria, as well as Libya, put the West between a rock and a hard place.

He pointed out that the American silence creates a sense of fear about the deals that are taking place between the guarantor countries and said: "The pace of the struggle and the resistance must be escalated in the face of Western plans."

He stressed on the unity, as it is the only guarantor of the Kurdish presence: "Procrastination will cause all components of the region to perish."

In turn, member of UOI in Qamishlo, Haji Bashir explained that the West made Turkey a guard in the Middle East. He pointed out that Turkey's attacks on the peoples of the region, in order to destroy the region and destabilize security and stability in cooperation with its allies, through destabilizing the Middle East.

He affirmed that the Turkish occupation state is trying to restore its collapsed economy by putting its hand on other countries' riches, in Libya, Syria, and Başûr of Kurdistan.

He pointed out that the project of the democratic nation and the brotherhood of the peoples in northeast Syria worries Turkey and Iran and said: "The largest part of the Kurdistan is occupied by Turkey, and the same in Iran, which puts great pressure on these two countries."

He pointed out that the West is the biggest beneficiary of the conflicts  in the Middle East, and he said: the West is working to complicate the crisis and mixing cards in order to sell weapons and achieve profits.

Bashir stressed that the crises that ravage the Middle East is a purely economic issue, "the Middle East is rich in raw materials."



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