American newspaper: Lebanon towards collapse; talks with IMF did not progress

A report of the American newspaper "Washington Post" revealed that Lebanon is on the verge of collapse, misery and hunger, and the report quoted close sources excluding the IMF approval of the loan due to the government's failure to present a real reform plan and the growing political division.

The newspaper said in its report, "The Lebanese currency reached new low levels, with the acceleration of the financial and economic collapse in the country, which threatens more misery for the millions of Lebanese whose savings and salaries have evaporated."

The newspaper continued that the widespread street protests against corruption and cronyism, which were the main cause of the country's problems, have compounded the decline and paralyzed the economy for weeks.

The government is seeking to borrow $ 10 billion from the International Monetary Fund, but the talks that started in February have not yet progressed beyond the initial stages, according to officials familiar with the procedures who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

The sources added, "The reforms promised by the government are impractical and unfulfilled due to the lack of a political agreement."

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