American journalist sues Qatari bank, Turkish association for their support for terrorist groups in Syria

Details of a lawsuit filed by an American photojournalist against a Qatari bank and a Turkish charity revealed Doha and Ankara links with extremist groups in Syria.

The "Nordic Monitor" website said that the journalist and photographer Matthew Schreyer who was held by extremist groups hostage in Syria for a long time filed a lawsuit against "Qatar Islamic Bank."

In the lawsuit, Schreyer claimed that the two terrorist groups (Jabhet al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham) in Syria "used an international network of donors and charities to finance their terrorist activities, and that the bank provided financial services to these donors and financial support to charities, including the Qatar Charity," which is branded with support for terrorism.

The lawsuit also stated that "the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Organization - IHH - and Qatar Charity have established a partnership to support the Syrian front and Ahrar al-Sham, by supporting field hospitals to treat and provide non-medical services to the fighters of these groups."

The complaint refers to international reports that blacklisted both the Qatar Charitable Foundation and IHH "as entities tainted with funds related to terrorism."

The Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation is described as a tool of Turkish intelligence. It has been accused more than once of smuggling weapons to extremists linked to al-Qaeda in Syria. The organization has also been used to transport wounded ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria and al-Qaeda fighters from Syria to Turkey.


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