American journalist: I visited Rojava to learn about DAA system in Rojava

"The philosophy of Ocalan encouraged me to visit Rojava to get to know the truth of this thought, and to learn about the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) System" US journalist Debbie Bookchin visited Rojava via the Sêmelka crossing to see the sacrifices and struggles of the Kurdish people in general and women in particular.


US journalist Debbie Bookchin entered Rojava through the border crossing of Sêmelka yesterday and was received by the administrator in Kongra Star Sana Khalil at the crossing.

The journalist said, "I visited Rojava to see the reality in all respects, especially the leading role played by women in Rojava Revolution."

She added, "The objective of my visit to Rojava is to learn about the living conditions and the situation of the people in Rojava Revolution and the reality they are living in, especially the role of women and their participation in all fields."

"My father told me about his meeting with the leader Abdullah Ocalan," she said, adding "This encouraged me to visit Rojava and to know the true thought and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, which is applied in Rojava."

She added, "The letters exchanged between my father and the leader Abdullah Ocalan, which dealt with several topics, especially democratic thought, considering that the leader Abdullah Ocalan is a democratic philosopher."

" Abdullah Ocalan has put forward all the democratic solutions and has shown the truth of Turkish fascism through his writings." The journalist said.

"The Kurdish people are persecuted, an ideal people to achieve equality and democracy at all levels in the region through the sacrifices they make in Rojava," she said.

The journalist showed that women exceeded the customs and traditions imposed by the community and reached this stage through the thought and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, which gave the value of women in the liberalization of these restrictions and participation in all fields.

The jurnalist said that she will visit the shrine of the martyrs, "who are valued and respected because they have sacrificed their lives so that the peoples can live in peace and security on their land."



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