America lists Iranian oil tanker on its blacklist

The US Treasury Department has announced the listing of the Iranian oil tanker Adrian Daria I on its blacklist and the imposition of sanctions on its captain.

The tanker, seized by British Royal Marines in Gibraltar before authorities released it, is at the center of a standoff between Tehran and Washington.

The Associated Press reported earlier that the crew of the tanker, formerly known as "Grace 1", changed its destination included in its automatic identification system to Iskenderun, Turkey, while the Turkish Foreign Minister said that the Iranian oil tanker is heading to Lebanon.

For his part, Lebanese Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil confirmed that Lebanon was not informed that the Iranian tanker was moving towards one of the Lebanese ports.

In this context, the US Treasury Department said in a statement that "Adrian Daria 1, has been classified as prohibited property, according to Executive Decision 13,224, which targets terrorists and supporters of terrorism. It added that the measure imposes sanctions on its captain Captain Akhilesh Kumar, according to the same executive decision, "as quoted by Al-Hura channel.

The ministry said that the tanker carries about 2.1 million barrels of Iranian crude oil, which ultimately benefits the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, classified as terrorist by the United States.

"Ships like Adrian Daria 1 have been able to ship and transport large quantities of oil that it is trying to conceal and sell illegally to finance the regime's malicious activities and spread terrorism," said Segal Mandelker, Treasury Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence.

"Anyone who supports Adrian Daria 1 faces the risk of punishment. The way to rest is to change course and not allow the IRGC to benefit from illegal oil sales," he said.

Gibraltar authorities released the ship after Tehran said it had pledged not to deliver fuel to a Syrian oil refinery subject to European sanctions.



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