Amazigh: Leyla Guven's resistance is legendary, relations must be linked against repressive policies

The representative of the Tuareg women and the Amazigh civil activist in Libya described the Leyla Guven's resistance as legendary, pointing out that the resistance of Kurdish women witnessed by the world, and said, "Our issue is one and our enemy is one, so we have to consolidate the relations and take the experience from each other to confront all repressive policies against us."

The Co-chair of Democratic Society Conference and MP of Democratic Peoples' Party Leyla Guven has been counting her strike since more than 170 days, and 15 prisoners have entered a hunger strike demanding to end the isolation of the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan.

In this regard, our agency, Hawar news (ANHA) interviewed with the representative of the Tuareg women in Libya and Amazigh civil activist Khadija Andidi.

Khadija started her speech saying, "Women throughout history have not surrendered to all the practices imposed on them by the dominant masculine authority, and by the religions and regimes of the ruling state, but faced all these pressures and showed heroic resistance in all its forms, especially the resistance of Tuareg and Kurdish women, which have persisted until this era. The evidence of that is that we are witnessing today the involvement of the Tuarge, Sudanese and Algerian women in the popular movement that derived their strength from the resistance of Kurdish women in the Syrian north."

Leyla Guven… Iron women

As for the continued resistance of Leyla Guven, Khadija described it as legendary, and that she must be named "ferrous women," as she made a heroic decision to be followed by thousands of detainees with the solidarity of thousands of people inside and outside her country. This is evidence of the greatness and strength of women in general, especially the covenant made by the Kurdish women to take their way into the struggle.

As for the international silence about the seven-month strike, Khadija explained that what Leyla Guven and her comrades have done in prison is a condemnation of the actions of the countries around the world and not only condemnation of the isolation on the leader. She said, "This will not serve their bourgeois and authoritarian interests, which are an expose to their policies that have become exposed. Ocalan's thought serves all oppressed peoples by those capitalist states, so they will not serve their policies."

Our case is one, and we have to tie the bonds of relations and take the experience from each other

Khadija pointed out that the policy of the Chauvinist national state fears the brave and is quick to arrest them and practices the worst kinds of torture against them in order to break their morale and intimidate the people so as not to demand their rights. She added, "Our cause is one and our enemy is one, so we have to consolidate the relations and take the experience from each other to confront all oppressive policies against us."

Khadija concluded her speech by saying, "As women of the Tuareg, we are proud of the Kurdish fighters and activists, and we draw our strength from their experience in the struggle of the Kurdish women who have shown great struggle which was witnessed all over the world, especially in Kobani and Afrin. In turn, we salute their resistance and pay our mercy to our martyrs. We hope that the Kurdish people will return to Afrin and that the will of women will win in all parts of the world to unite together and be a guiding light for societies."



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