Amal Khazim: We took measures to curb the prices in the AA areas

The co-chair of the Economic and Agricultural Commission in the Autonomous Administration (AA) said: The only solution to get out of the economic crisis in Syria lies in the political solution, explaining that they have taken the necessary measures to limit the price in the areas of the Autonomous Administration.

Amal Khazim talked about the measures the authority took to reduce the high prices in the markets and find appropriate solutions.

Syria, generally speaking, is witnessing a significant increase in the exchange rate of the dollar, which reached its highest levels since entering the Syrian market, and exceeded the limit of 1,200 Syrian pounds per dollar, which affected the markets and led to a rise in the prices of materials and goods.

The co-chair of the Ministry of Economy and Agriculture began her speech by saying, "The rise in the exchange rate of the dollar against the Syrian pound in the markets reflects negatively on citizens in Syria in general and not only the regions of northern and eastern Syria."

On the solution and the way out, Amal Khazim confirmed that the only solution is that the current economic situation in Syria is linked to the political situation in it, and the high exchange rate and the Syrian regime bear a large part of the responsibility.

She added, "the regions of northern and eastern Syria are part of the Syrian state and are covered by the sanctions that affect Syria in general."

Regarding the measures taken by the Economic and Agriculture Authority, she noted that their authority instructed all similar economic bodies and committees in the seven autonomous and civil administrations to intensify the supply control in the markets, and to limit the monopoly of food and supplies that negatively affect the citizen.

Khzim stressed that the markets will witness supervision and merchants and monopolists will be held accountable, and everyone who manipulates the power of the people.

Observers and economic experts believe that the economic crisis in Syria is a result of the sanctions, and that all parties should go for a solution through dialogue to prevent the deterioration of the Syrian economy.



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