Amal Daddah: We proposed holding international conference to discuss IS' prisoners issue in Syrian north

Amal Daddah said that there is a response from some countries to receive their citizens detained by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), who were involved in the ranks of Daesh mercenaries in Syria, pointing out that they submitted a proposal to the International Coalition to convene an international conference to discuss the issue of Daesh mercenaries detained in northern and eastern Syria.

Amal Daddah, the co-chair of the External Relations Office in North and East Syria's Autonomous Administration talked during an interview held by Hawar news agency's correspondents about the mercenaries held in their custody, the handover and the procedures that the Administration will follow with the countries that abstained from receiving them.

At the start of her talk about the countries that coordinate with the Autonomous Administration to restore their mercenaries, Amal Daddah, the joint head of the Foreign Relations Office said that there are parties who have expressed their willingness to receive their detained citizens with their families, including women and children held by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

On the parties and sides that have communicated with the Autonomous Administration and received some of their detainees, the joint head of the Office of Foreign Relations said that a delegation from the French Foreign Ministry received five children during the last period and there are still discussion and coordination with them to receive more of their citizens who are held as prisoners to us, in addition to the Federal Russia which received three children of the mercenaries.

Amal Daddah continued, "A delegation from Sudan visited us to discuss the case of their detainees to us, and they have not been extradited yet as considering the issue of the extradition and the detained citizens and their families is still going on."

She explained in her speech the mechanism of the coordination with the countries to receive their mercenaries detained by SDF where they are addressed via e-mail and the names the required to them are received, and we have a committee working to coordinate and hand over detainees according to official documents and within a press conference.

The co-chair of the Office for External Relations noted, "There are no impediments by the Autonomous Administration about the extraditions once they are legally and systematically through the committee concerned to this matter, and the process is done within an official press conference."

Amal made clear, "Some countries have categorically refrained from receiving their mercenaries who are detained with their families to us and form a great burden on the Autonomous Administration as they are not the responsibility of the Administration alone, but the responsibility of the whole world."

The joint chairperson concluded, "There are many violations by the prisoners in the camps and places where they are held and that they pose risks to the Administration and the people present in the area."

At the end of her talk, she pointed out that there is a discussion on the subject of the mercenaries between the Autonomous Administration and the International Coalition, and the Administration presented during the meetings a proposal in this regard that includes the need to convene an international conference to deal with this issue and decide on it, and the need to establish an international court to try them, while the matter is still under discussion with the Coalition.


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